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Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

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spirit animal sanctuary Danny

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spirit animal sanctuary Dodge

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Fear Aggression, What You Should Know !

Fear Aggressive Dogs

For you to have a better understanding of exactly what fear aggression is, look at from a phobia point of view. The fear aggressive dog can display one type of phobia or a wide variety of phobias, such as; anthrophobia,  autophobia, brontophobia, cynophobia, iatrophobia , kainotophobia , ligyrophobia, monophobia, ochlophobia, ophthalmophobia.

There’s a lot more phobias I can list here, but I think you get the idea. Where people who are afflicted with what can be a debilitating phobia, rationally and logically, in their mind at least, can say  “I shouldn’t be afraid of these things”. Even though they may have a very difficult time getting past their own phobias, regardless of their logic.

Now, as much as we would like to believe it, our dogs simply do not have the reasoning capabilities, to think “I shouldn’t be afraid of that”. Not that those reasoning capabilities have helped out our dogs human counterparts, that are afraid of things.

By the way, all the phobias listed are human phobias.

  1. anthrophobia- fear of humans
  2. autophobia- fear of solitude
  3. brontophobia- fear of thunder and lightning
  4. cynophobia- fear of dogs
  5. iatrophobia – fear of going to the doctor
  6. kainotophobia – fear of change
  7. ligyrophobia – fear of loud noises
  8. monophobia- fear of being alone
  9. ochlophobia – fear of crowds
  10. ophthalmophobia- fear of being stared at

Fearfulness is not abnormal behavior for your dog, it’s normal.

Hope this helps you understand a little bit better why your dog shows fear aggression in certain situations.

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Exercise Doesn’t Make Your Dog Happy, PLAY DOES

Don’t Confuse

a Dog Being Tired For Happiness.

Exercise is good, but only if it involves play for your dog. Many in the dog training and behavior field, suggest exercising your dog to overcome many behavioral issues your dog may have. While exercise is of vital importance for the physical health of your dog. It doesn’t do a whole lot of good, in helping your dog come to grips with it’s behavior problems. Animal behavior is, obviously a mental issue, not a physical one.

Your Dog Needs To Be Happy

Picture of happy dog

Happy Dog

Play. play, play play, play ! I cannot stress the importance of play, in helping your dog find happiness and mental well being. Which is the first big key in helping you, help your dog find happiness. That will lead to a more stable and socially acceptable dog. You know, a dog that doesn’t bite strangers, your kids, your friends  or your extended family members.

Behavior Modification is a mental process, not a physical process.

Behavior Modification is a mental process, not a physical process.

Behavior Modification is a mental process, not a physical process.

Picture of Happy Labrador Retriever

picture of happy Labrador retriever

Play With Your Dog

While some dogs will play by themselves, they would be much more happier if you played with them. Spend some quality play time with your dog, don’t put it off till tomorrow.

The Spirit Dog

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Mother Nature Doesn’t Like Spring Fashions

North Country Spring Weather

Apparently mother nature doesn’t care all that much for the early spring fashion line. Up here at Spirit Animal Sanctuary in Boonville New York, it’s been cold, miserable and either raining, snowing or my personal favorite freezing rain. My guess would be mother nature is waiting for the summer fashion line before she warms things up a bit up here.

The Spirit Dog

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From Sad Fear Aggressive Dog To Happy Dog

Scared Dogs

Some people have said “I work magic” when it comes to helping troubled dogs, while others have called me “A miracle worker”.  It’s very flattering and yes it does make me feel good. The reality of it is, I am neither a miracle worker nor do I work magic. Through many years of living with and working with many, many dogs I understand what makes them happy and I understand their fears. I have learned to communicate with them on their level, not ours. By using the most basic of all communication forms, emotions. This is the essence of communicating with animals.

What your going to see in the two pictures below, is Bruno. Bruno came to us (spirit animal sanctuary) from a Florida dog rescue, because he suffered from severe nervousness and fear aggression.

Nervous dog before Spirit

Nervous dog before Spirit

This is Bruno dealing with his demons, before spirit animal.


Bruno smiling at Spirit

Bruno smiling at Spirit

This is Bruno, after his doggy exorcism.


Who am I, I’m The Spirit Dog (Alan Papszycki)


Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

The Spirit Dog

Spirit Animal Sanctuary
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Spirit Animal Sanctuary Videos: Carci, Bubbers, Big-E-Banks and Bear Bear

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

The Happiness Factor

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Spirit Stories, Wagzie

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

When my daughter, Melynda, was in college, she worked at an animal shelter for a time. When she was there, she fell madly in love with a dog whom we later called Wagzie.

Now, my husband Joe and I didn’t want a dog. Not one bit. We had already shared our lives with a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named “Vincent” who had passed away, but when Melynda met Wagzie, she told her brother Joe about this wonderful, intelligent dog she had fallen in love with and thus the “Adopt Wagzie” campaign began.

Wagzie, you see, was not being adopted by anyone. She was a mix of Rot and German Shepherd and the people who came to the Bergen County Shelter favored little dogs. Even though the shelter was a “no kill” environment, Wagzie had been there for over six months, living in a small caged space with a concrete floor and no toys, pillows or regular walks. The only fun these dogs would have was dependent on the generosity of the shelter volunteers.

Read more and see Wagzies video on, NJ Toy Travels

NJ Toy Travels is a blog by:
Maryann Woods Murphy
2009-2010 NJ Teacher of the Year
Northern Highlands Regional High School
Spanish Teacher & Diversity Educator

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