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When my daughter, Melynda, was in college, she worked at an animal shelter for a time. When she was there, she fell madly in love with a dog whom we later called Wagzie.

Now, my husband Joe and I didn’t want a dog. Not one bit. We had already shared our lives with a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named “Vincent” who had passed away, but when Melynda met Wagzie, she told her brother Joe about this wonderful, intelligent dog she had fallen in love with and thus the “Adopt Wagzie” campaign began.

Wagzie, you see, was not being adopted by anyone. She was a mix of Rot and German Shepherd and the people who came to the Bergen County Shelter favored little dogs. Even though the shelter was a “no kill” environment, Wagzie had been there for over six months, living in a small caged space with a concrete floor and no toys, pillows or regular walks. The only fun these dogs would have was dependent on the generosity of the shelter volunteers.

Read more and see Wagzies video on, NJ Toy Travels

NJ Toy Travels is a blog by:
Maryann Woods Murphy
2009-2010 NJ Teacher of the Year
Northern Highlands Regional High School
Spanish Teacher & Diversity Educator

The Spirit Dog


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3 Responses

  1. I am the type of person who will put a dog before most humans. I hate to see so many dogs being neglected and abused. there are so many of them, How do we stop it?

  2. I mean Thanks to Al, Not thanks again, Al.

  3. That story and video brought tears to my eyes.
    It also reminds of Sticks, our pittbull who Al saved from certain death. He also lives happily at his home with the Spirit Dog.

    Thanks again,


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