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2 Responses

  1. Sorry for the delay, Heather.
    Please email, info (at) for admissions information.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    I have a neutered male rottie, Mangus that I pulled from Levy County Animal services in Florida, as he was listed to be euthanize two days later, with intentions to vet him and find a breed rescue that will take him. I am wanting to know if you have any room for this boy. The breed rescues around here are full, I have even tried other states with no luck. He is 120+ lbs lean and he has been vaccinated and given his rabies shots. He has an old injury to his left cruciate and so he doesn’t have a future as a running partner. He is also heart worm positive and we have opted to treat him, after discussing this with our vet, with ivermectin which will have to be given through Hartguard or straight ivermectin at a normal dose every month. After 18-20 months he should be heart worm free. With this treatment he doesn’t have to restrict his exercise. Issue wise Mangus is fear aggressive, he is afraid of vets examining him, he had to be sedated for blood work and his check up. He also doesn’t like his ears being cleaned and has to be muzzled which he doesn’t care for. He has learned how to sit, down and shake for food. He has fear aggression issues with being handled in certain spots on his body such as ears, paws, sides . He seems good with other dogs and is not aggressive towards strangers around him so far.
    With him being a little “rough around the edges” I know it is hard for people to understand to give dogs like Mangus a second chance but I know it is something he deserves. He gives everything his all and I am sure that his problems can be fixed with time and patience and knowledge.

    Let me know if you can take him, I will ship him to you at my expense,

    Thanking you in advance,
    Heather Rivers

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