Exercise Doesn’t Make Your Dog Happy, PLAY DOES

Don’t Confuse

a Dog Being Tired For Happiness.

Exercise is good, but only if it involves play for your dog. Many in the dog training and behavior field, suggest exercising your dog to overcome many behavioral issues your dog may have. While exercise is of vital importance for the physical health of your dog. It doesn’t do a whole lot of good, in helping your dog come to grips with it’s behavior problems. Animal behavior is, obviously a mental issue, not a physical one.

Your Dog Needs To Be Happy

Picture of happy dog

Happy Dog

Play. play, play play, play ! I cannot stress the importance of play, in helping your dog find happiness and mental well being. Which is the first big key in helping you, help your dog find happiness. That will lead to a more stable and socially acceptable dog. You know, a dog that doesn’t bite strangers, your kids, your friends  or your extended family members.

Behavior Modification is a mental process, not a physical process.

Behavior Modification is a mental process, not a physical process.

Behavior Modification is a mental process, not a physical process.

Picture of Happy Labrador Retriever

picture of happy Labrador retriever

Play With Your Dog

While some dogs will play by themselves, they would be much more happier if you played with them. Spend some quality play time with your dog, don’t put it off till tomorrow.

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What is Fear Aggression

Canine fear aggression is normal, it’s a genetically predisposed behavior directly related to an animals survival instinct. And what exactly is survival instinct aside from the obvious task of feeding oneself ? Not getting thyself eaten. It really is that simple…

Assuming of course, that the particular animal in question was not mistreated in any way, shape, or form in the past by a previous owner, or the animal has not gone through some sort of traumatic experience. Traumatic experience being defined as, hit by a car, attacked by other animals, scared, abused, tormented by children, hit by a stranger, etc..

Many dogs perceive all sorts of things as a potential threat to their life, if they haven’t achieved some sort of comfort level through daily routines and / or interaction with those things or people. Failing daily interaction they will be very wary of that object. Whether it’s a human being, garbage can in a new spot or another animal. And if you think about it, we are not all that different. Many of us fear animals we don’t know, and many of us fear other people that we don’t know.

Does your dog realize that there is no real danger in meeting friendly dogs or people that he doesn’t know? Some dogs do and some dogs don’t. But unlike the human mind with the overabundance of phobias that can affect us, people with phobias usually understand logically anyway that their fear is really only in their mind even know they may personally have trouble getting past that fear(s). Dogs on the other hand, do not have the mental capacity nor the intelligence to figure that out for themselves. This is an area where we can help them through their fears with proper behavior modification.

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Why Do Dogs, Lie On Top Of Us ?

Lets see how much you know about canine inherited behaviors. Now I want you to think for yourself on this one, don’t tell me what you have read or heard somewhere, most likely the information you have obtained has flaws in it, so I’d like you to think for yourself on this one.

There are four correct answers and an extra answer that will be correct sometimes, but on very rare occasions.

Don’t worry about trying to get them all right, and don’t think to hard about your answers. If you can’t come up with every one of the answers, don’t worry about it, just answer what you can.

The answers to this question are on a password protected post, so if you want the password, you have to take a shot at answering the question.

Good- Luck

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Dog Behavior Quiz : Why Do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys ?

So what’s the deal with dogs and squeaky toys ? Why do dogs get so excited when you start squeaking that brand spanking new squeaky toy ?

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To Play or Not To Play Dog Stuff

Well, play of course !!!

It is far more fun to play, than not to play in your dogs mind. Your dogs whole life revolves around you. So if your little or big guy (dog) wants some attention or more to the point wants to play with you when you come home from work or school, play with your dog damn-it.

I don’t care if your too tired, too this, too that, got things to do or whatever. You made a commitment to your dogs health, happiness and well being ! So make some time for your dog, don’t make me come to your house.

Your dogs happiness and mental well being is determined by play, play, play, play, play, NOT train, train, train, train, train !!!

Got It ! Get It ! Good

Dog training is good, but if your dogs not happy that training means shit. You will still have a nervous damn dog that knows sit, stay, down, heel and still snaps or growls at people. Training along with plenty of play, is one of the keys to a well rounded and happy dog.

I’m gonna go play with my guys now, see ya.

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Dog Life Saving Tip

The Spirit Dog

Dog Lifesaving Tip Of The Millennium

The very first time that your dog or puppy does anything that you don’t understand and gives you any reason for concern, hire a dog trainer or whatever. I say “or whatever” because everybody that works with dogs will say they deal with all sorts of behavior issues and to many have no clue, hopefully you’ll find someone that can help you.

Anyway the point here is if something your dog does gives you reason for concern get help immediately, because your fears and concerns are not going to go away unless you address the problem right now. Quite often your dog will most likely be displaying a behavior that doesn’t warrant your concern and you need a dog trainer or dog behaviorist that can distinguish the difference and then explain to you what that difference is.

To often, in many homes a dog will do something that the owners don’t like, then they get mad and then they forget about it. This scenario can and sometimes is repeated many times, until it gets to the point where the people have finally had enough and there goes Fido, to the not so happy hunting ground in the sky.

This usually occurs because after the bad behavior episode the dog is usually not put back into a position to repeat the behavior for awhile, so the dog owners erroneously believe that the dog has somehow miraculously learned all by his lonesome, not to do that. Until the next time, that the same or similar circumstances exist and the dog does it again.

An unfortunate error in judgment that will often be fatal to the dogs long term health.

Seriously though, sometimes your dog has no serious behavior problem at all, but that doesn’t matter because you’re still becoming nervous for one reason or another and you may need a little bit of help understanding your dogs behavior better. And other times the dog does have some sort of behavior issue, that is not going to go away by itself without us helping him through his issues.

So in either case , seek out somebody that can help you.

The  Spirit Dog

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