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Scared Dogs

Some people have said “I work magic” when it comes to helping troubled dogs, while others have called me “A miracle worker”.  It’s very flattering and yes it does make me feel good. The reality of it is, I am neither a miracle worker nor do I work magic. Through many years of living with and working with many, many dogs I understand what makes them happy and I understand their fears. I have learned to communicate with them on their level, not ours. By using the most basic of all communication forms, emotions. This is the essence of communicating with animals.

What your going to see in the two pictures below, is Bruno. Bruno came to us (spirit animal sanctuary) from a Florida dog rescue, because he suffered from severe nervousness and fear aggression.

Nervous dog before Spirit

Nervous dog before Spirit

This is Bruno dealing with his demons, before spirit animal.


Bruno smiling at Spirit

Bruno smiling at Spirit

This is Bruno, after his doggy exorcism.


Who am I, I’m The Spirit Dog (Alan Papszycki)


Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

The Spirit Dog

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Bouncer, A New Lifetime Guest at Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Spirit Animal Sanctuary, opens her heart and arms in welcoming Bouncer, a four-year old female Labrador Retriever mix to her pack.

Caida, Bouncer, Julius's tail

Caida, Bouncer, Julius's tail

Bouncer’s story : We received a call last week from a couple on Long Island, New York, (my old stomping grounds) after they were referred to us by a friend, who placed their dog Roger ( Ra-Geeeee) with us last year. They had stepped in and saved Bouncer at 11 months old from an abusive situation, a  guy that apparently wasn’t all that fond of his dog. Because of that, she has some issues with men, but that’s not the reason why they contacted us.

Bouncer started becoming a little freaked out when their two-year grandchild wouldn’t leave  her alone, and they started worrying about what might happen. And rightfully so. This, unfortunately is a very common occurrence once a toddler becomes very mobile. If a dog is going to have a problem with a child, it will usually manifest itself once that child starts walking around a lot.

I’ll try to get around to posting a video of Bouncer, soon. BTW, they named her Bouncer because she jumps up and down like a bouncing ball, which she already started doing, it’s too cute.

The Spirit Dog

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Pit Bull Killed In Baltimore $24,000. Reward

One of Baltimore’s finest, Officer Syreeta Teel attempted to save the life of a Pit Bull dog, that was set on fire by some skells.

The current reward, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for this crime, now stands at 24,500. Dollars.

So if you have ANY information that may be useful, do the right thing and call the Baltimore Animal Shelter @ 410-396-4698.

You can buy a lot of good stuff with 24K.

The Spirit Dog

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Officer Praised For Saving Burned Pit Bull

Baltimore Officer Rescues Pit Bull Set on Fire

Iditarod : Is Fido Really Happy Running a 1100 Miles in 10 Days

Read more about the Iditarod race at

Instead of dogs racing, how about this ?

According to this when this trail was used to provide supplies, the dogs traveled 14 to 30 miles a day. Not the 100 or so miles they travel daily during the race.

Paragraph taken from above wikipedia article. Pay close attention to the bold lettering, which will say how no dog traveled more than 100 miles. And this was for an emergency delivery of medicine to save children. Not to win fabulous prizes and gifts.

  • The most famous event in the history of Alaskan mushing is the 1925 serum run to Nome, also known as the “Great Race of Mercy.” A diphtheria epidemic threatened Nome, especially the Inuit children who had no immunity to the “white man’s disease,” and the nearest quantity of antitoxin was found to be in Anchorage. Since the two available planes were both dismantled and had never been flown in the winter, Governor Scott Bone approved a safer route. The 20-pound (9.1 kg) cylinder of serum was sent by train 298 miles (480 km) from the southern port of Seward to Nenana, where it was passed just before midnight on January 27 to the first of twenty mushers and more than 100 dogs who relayed the package 674 miles (1,085 km) from Nenana to Nome. The dogs ran in relays, with no dog running over 100 miles (160 km).

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race needs a complete overhaul. Some thoughts.

  • Shorten the distance.
  • Limit the amount of miles the dog team can travel in a 24 hour period, to thirty miles.
  • Any musher that has a dog die during the race is banned for life, from entering any other dog sled competitions.

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The Spirit Dog

Another Wacky Dog Breeder in Missouri With A Tiger

A dog breeder in Missouri, Margaret J. Bond, who had her breeder licensed suspended after authorities seized 150 dogs from her kennel in August of 2007, is at it again.  This time authorities seized 200 dogs, and a Tiger.

Read the Associated Press Story as reported by .,2933,497865,00.html

The Spirit Dog

More Dead Dogs “Puppy Mills” 2009

More Dead Dogs “Puppy Mills”

This woman even had a dead dog lying near her bed, not a doggy bed mind you her bed.

Additional Notes = In 1993 Mrs. Kapsa had 120 dog seized by authorities. And authorities are in need of help in determining were 50 Pug puppies disappeared to before this most recent seizure.

Read More :

Charges weighed against Montana dog breeder

BELOW TWO links are to a breeder forum from 2006 talking about how they sold some breeding dogs to her, believing this kennel to be upstanding only to find out otherwise .(remember these are from 2006)

Stopping Linda Kapsa

Before she started calling her Kennel “Shady Lane” . Her Kennel was called Lkk Pug Kennel. Wonder how many Kennel names she has had, but you got to admire the balls on this woman having “Shady” in her kennel name. It must of been a joke to her. This is from 2003.

Consumer complaints about LKK Pug Kennels, Ballantine MT

The Spirit Dog

Ohio State Court Case involving animal abuse at dog training facility.

No Felony Animal Cruelty in Ohio = No Justice


State Files Lawsuit against No Kill Shelter

Colorado Attorney Generals Office

Files Lawsuit against No Kill Shelter

Having intimate knowledge of the “Animal Rescue World” I have written about this before. This is the sad reality of many, No Kill Shelters.

State lawsuit: ‘No kill‘ Humane Society euthanized many animals

Why do no kill animal shelters, kill animals.

Buying puppy’s online. Buying dogs online.If you can’t visit the breeder, don’t buy that puppy.

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