Trouble Loading Merchant Pages on Goodsearch – Goodshop, Help

This is a pain in the neck. I tried to buy something using the Goodshop, and kept getting “Failed To Connect” error.

This is what’s on Goodsearch’s problem solving page.

I am unable to view or link to some of the GoodShop merchants.

There are a few reasons that this might happen and here are some possible solutions:

  1. Browser security and cookie settingsPlease set your browser to accept cookies. You may also have to verify that the following domains have not been unknowingly blocked by your

    For Internet Explorer, follow this path:
    Tools > Options > Privacy > Sites
    After clicking the Sites button a window will pop up titled Per Site Privacy Actions. Scroll through the list of sites listed under Managed Web Sites to see if any of the above domains are already listed.

    • If yes, double-click the name and click the Allow button. Repeat for each of the above domains.
    • If no, enter each of the domains listed above and click the Allow button.

    For Firefox, follow this path:
    Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies
    If the box next to “Allow sites to set cookies” is unchecked, click Exceptions and add the domains listed above

  2. SpyWare ToolsSome anti-spyware applications such as SpySweeper, SpyBot, AdAware or security suites such as Norton or McAfee have been reported to occasionally block access to our merchants. In order to ensure that all of your purchases are recorded properly it would be best to add the sites listed above to you application’s “White-list” or temporarily disable the application while shopping through GoodShop. Please refer to your program’s Help feature and search under terms like:
    • Cookies
    • Privacy
    • Approved sites
    • Exceptions

    The intent is to find out whether any of the domains listed above are being blocked by one of these programs. Disabling this setting should use similar language — ‘Always Allow’, ‘Allow Site’, ‘Exceptions’, etc.

    Please be aware that some programs may overwrite these settings even after you have set them. If the difficulties suddenly return, your troubleshooting should begin by checking these programs’ settings.

  3. Pop-Up BlockersSome pop-up blockers may also block your ability to link from GoodShop to the merchant’s site. Try turning off your pop-up blocker temporarily.
  4. FirewallsIf you use any firewalls such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security or some other such Firewall, then you need to keep the “Ad Blocking” turned off. You may also need to allow access to the URLs listed above through your firewall.

Now, my browser accepts cookies. So most likly it’s the anti-spyware tools that are blocking it.

here’s the link for the above stuff.

The Spirit Dog


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