From Sad Fear Aggressive Dog To Happy Dog

Scared Dogs

Some people have said “I work magic” when it comes to helping troubled dogs, while others have called me “A miracle worker”.  It’s very flattering and yes it does make me feel good. The reality of it is, I am neither a miracle worker nor do I work magic. Through many years of living with and working with many, many dogs I understand what makes them happy and I understand their fears. I have learned to communicate with them on their level, not ours. By using the most basic of all communication forms, emotions. This is the essence of communicating with animals.

What your going to see in the two pictures below, is Bruno. Bruno came to us (spirit animal sanctuary) from a Florida dog rescue, because he suffered from severe nervousness and fear aggression.

Nervous dog before Spirit

Nervous dog before Spirit

This is Bruno dealing with his demons, before spirit animal.


Bruno smiling at Spirit

Bruno smiling at Spirit

This is Bruno, after his doggy exorcism.


Who am I, I’m The Spirit Dog (Alan Papszycki)


Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

The Spirit Dog

Spirit Animal Sanctuary
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Boonville, New York 13309

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6 Responses

  1. I have a 1 and a half year old pit bull mix. Her name is Abby. She was rescued at about 7 months old and has been a loving dog to me ever since. She is extremely protective of me and my family. She use to be alright with meeting most new people (would start off nervous, but end up ok). Now, she tries to attack anyone. She has never actually bitten anyone but I’m scared she will. I was visiting my parents when my sister brought my 2 week old nephew over. While my dad was holding him, she wouldn’t stop pacing the room and growling. We put her in the crate. The next day, Abby was outside on the line when my sister was holding the baby and was walking into the house. Abby tried her hardest to get to my sister and nephew. She was growling with her head and neck down and barking. This was so strange for her because she loves my sister and is around her so much. She has also tried to get to my brother’s best friend’s child, who is three. The little boy wasn’t provoking her or even moving. He was standing outside talking to my dad. (Luckily my mom had her on the leash). And the most recently thing that has happened was that while she was on her line, the neighbors great dane was walking by our yard, when she took off after him and snapped her collar off. She didn’t even notice the collar. Usually she is always an inside dog when I’m home, but at my parents, we let her run around outside on the line. I don’t know what to do because I love my dog like she’s my child, but I couldn’t live with myself if she were to ever get to a child or my nephew.

  2. I have an 8 y/o Golden Retriever who has had aggression issues for nearly 6 years. Away from my house, he is a wonderful dog who has been onstage with our community theatre many times and loves it. He also has his Companion Dog title through AKC Obedience trials, and would have his CDX if he had been able to jump. He was socialized early, excelled in Obedience Class, has been into schools to work with kids… but he has now bitten four dogs and four people in my house. I am not fearful enough that I am considering euthanasia. I love my dog, but feel like I’m working with a loaded gun. Any suggestions?

  3. I’ve noticed that when a dog is “attached” to one person, it can be a problem when others are in the picture.

    Maybe have your dog great your guests outside rather than having them come in the house first. I’ve seen this help. Maybe give them some treats to give the dog upon greeting.


  4. We rescued a lab/shepherd mix 6 months ago and have many of the fear/aggesion problems with her . She is a year old and we have used two dog trainers, she runs 4 miles every moring and walk at night. This is THE BEST dog we have ever had with our family of kids 5,7 and my husband and I…Unfortunately she is unpredictably bad with others, and I am very worried since she will occaisionally lunge towards people in our home without much warning. Have tried correcting this over and over, but past two weeks just crate her dudring these visits since I am so worn out of it all. Any suggestions? She appears to be dominate with other dogs slightly and does great in a pack of dogs at day-care. One last thing, she is highly vigilant and follows me continuously.
    Any advice would be appreciated…I am thinking she is fear aggressive but most people she doesn’t “like” are insecure people or those that dont like dogs.

  5. Neat! Always like to see a dog come out of his fears.

    BTW Tinsel (now named Mickey) has found a home. The Maltese rescue told us they found someone for him.

    Hopefully they are worthy of him!


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