The Obama Dog Controversy

The Obama Dog Controversy

Dear Mr. President Elect

In this day and age of extremely busy professional and non professional families with or without children, you have within your power a chance to enact some meaningful change. By not adopting or buying a dog. You will be taking the lead which hopefully millions of Americans will follow. This in turn will be our first small step as a nation, toward reducing the unwanted homeless pet population.

You and your family simply do not have the available free time that is required to properly raise a dog. I realize  that  first family pets, always present a good photo-op. But lets face it and correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t you just win the presidency rather easily without owning a pet.

By not buying or adopting a dog you will be making a presidential precedent, and sending a powerful message to all Americans and maybe even  the citizens of the world. By simply saying ” our life is a little too busy at present to own an animal”.

I cannot even imagine what can only be a staggering amount of emails, your staff must be handling in regards to what breed of dog you should consider.  I am sure that they are all telling you the virtues of their particular breed, and why you should choose that breed of dog as apposed to all other breeds of dog.

Regardless of what I say here, your still going to get a new puppy for your girls. So my only real advice on the subject of what kind of dog you should get is, a small one.



Which breed of dog is the safest

Choosing a dog should be based on the age of your children

If you have children, I would suggest you buy a breed of dog that your kids can easily handle. That means get a small breed of dog only.

Buying puppy’s online, buying dogs online.

Buying puppy’s online. Buying dogs online. If you can’t visit the breeder, don’t buy that puppy.


Please Help Save Some Bison (Buffalo)


No Kill Animal Shelters, Is It Possible

The notion that with better shelter management. They can somehow stem the tide, of the millions of people abandoning their dogs every year, is absurd.

Why No Kill Shelters Won’t Help

In the perfect world there wouldn’t be any kill shelters or any animal shelters for that matter, because nobody would give up their pets.
Unfortunately at present we will never accomplish a no kill nation.



8 Responses

  1. Hi Logan, no offense we used to have a St. Bernard named Logan. In regards to the Wheaten terriers, there are over 90,000 listings for Wheaten terrier dog Rescue. All dogs can and will bite, if we don’t understand them enough.

  2. absolutely a soft coated wheaten terrier. These dogs are truly hypo allergenic, have adorable dispositions, are extremely athletic and are the mellowest of the terriers. These dogs are wonderful house/condo dogs and do not shed. Like any dog, however, start training immediately including obedience school. I have had both male and female. Both are lovely. The males perhaps a big more assertive. The dogs are also a great size…mid-size. Love the wheatens.

  3. Hello, Karen

    I’m still used to talking to people as apposed to writing for people. I’ll get used to it, until then there’s going to be a lost in translation thing going on.

    Obviously I didn’t convey my point well enough. That being the dog will always be well cared for. But how many people are in that enviable position of getting a new dog, and not having to worry about the daily responsibilities associated with caring for that animal.


    Hey, you guy’s got any snow yet ? Even know it already melted, we have had about 10 inches so far this year.

    Your little guy’s adorable.

  4. I see what you’re saying, Spirit Dog, but I believe that ultimately, the Obama family’s dog will be well cared for despite their busy schedule.

    The president will have a huge staff that can dote on the dog’s every need. Doggie daycare and pet-walkers are a luxury most working Americans can’t afford, but it’s not out of reach for the Obamas.

  5. True enough 🙂

  6. Hi,

    The only good thing about the president elect getting a puppy is, it will make his girls happy. But for how long, who knows. Unfortunately this dogs happiness is going to be determined by whether or not the first families house keeping staff, likes dogs.

  7. p.s. but if he and his family do not have the time to spend with their pet then they need to wait until their lifestyle can accommodate one 🙂 whatever breed that they may choose.

  8. I think the president elect should adopt a pitbull puppy to help alleviate the misconceptions and ignorance that have given them such a bad name. Obama himself has done something no one would have believed he would accomplish in the beginning. I would like to see him advocate the underdog of the canine world and save it from extermination, which will be the end result for this breed if something is not done.

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