An Alpha Dog is like John Travolta

Alpha Dog Behavior

For those of you who didn’t see the comedy movie ” Get Shorty ” you’re not going to understand the reference. Sorry about that ! An alpha or dominant dog is EXACTLY like the character John Travolta played “Chili Palmer” in the movie, Get Shorty.  In the movie John Travolta plays a mob guy that is quite, calm, collected, the toughest guy around that doesn’t get excited or reactive to situations around him. He will try to avoid unnecessary confrontations when faced with them, but has no problem handling the problem if he has to.

Aggressive Dominant Dog ?

This is precisely how a alpha dog acts. They don’t growl, bark or act possessed when they are in unfamiliar situations or while meeting unfamiliar people or other dogs. The dogs that are often labeled by some dog trainers as dominant or aggressive. Are usually the nervous to very nervous dogs, that are acting out as big as they can in an attempt to scare away what they are afraid of.

Alpha dogs are calm, alpha dogs are calm, alpha dogs are calm.

The Spirit Dog

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Many Good Deserving Dogs

Around the world and especially in the U.S., many good deserving dogs of all ages need your help this holiday season. Please consider adopting your “new” pet, from one of the many fine rescue organizations or your local animal shelter.

Thank You

And Please have a Happy and Safe, Holiday.

Alan Papszycki, “The Spirit Dog”
Spirit Animal Sanctuary
Boonville, New York

Who Needs an Invisible Fence

Apparently all you need is a whole bunch of empty beer or soda cans and WAA-Laa, you have an invincible (to this dog anyway) not so invisible fence…….

The Spirit Dog

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Spirit Animal Sanctuary Weather

Rain, then more rain, then some Sun followed by severe thunderstorms followed by drizzle, rain, thunderstorms, rain, rain, sun, rain and yes you guessed it more rain. We’re suppose to have more thunderstorms today, followed by two sunny day’s ( I hope ), before thunderstorms are suppose to revisit us Wednesday and Thursday.

Which means lot’s and lot’s of fun for our dogs, as they just love rolling in the high wet hay grass and digging in the mud. And although the mud is driving me crazy, ultimately the only thing that really matters is our dogs happiness. And since they like it so much, I’ll bitch and moun a little bit, then I’ll start smiling when I see how happy they are and how much fun they are having. Which some of the dogs are having for the first time in their lives.

The Spirit Dog

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Cupcake falls in Love at Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Sweet little Cupcake has found her man.

The Spirit Dog

More Spirit Dogs Running Around Video

It looks like I finally figured out how to get these videos to look OK, on the web without being all pixely. Although this time the video on Vimeo looks grainy and the Youtube one looks good, can somebody tell me why that is. It’s the same video file as the pasture thing I posted.


The Spirit Dog.

Here’s the Vimeo link.

More Dog Stuff from Alan Papszycki on Vimeo.


Spirit Animal Sanctuaries New Doggy House ‘Update’

Spirit Animal Sanctuary, Big Dog House update :

The epoxy floor is still not fully cured, it was only suppose to take 2 or 3 days to cure and this is day five and the floor still remains a little tacky. This is now holding up the plumbers who delivered all the bathroom fixtures and were planning to install them.

And since the care, feeding and happiness of our dogs take top priority over everything else, and I just don’t have the time. We are going to have to spend more money on an already tight capital improvement budget, to hire a painting contractor.

You can see some of the pasture that will be fenced off, for our guys to play in HERE.

And if you would like to help us out with our much needed improvements, you can Donate Here.

Thank You !

The Spirit Dog

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