Old Chow Mix, Abandoned and Left for Dead

Jackson, Needs your help now more than ever.

Jackson at Veterinary Office

Jackson at Veterinary Office.

Jackson a 10 year old Chow Mix, was abandoned and left for dead. When his elderly dad died and the rest of Jackson’s lifelong family which is the only family he ever knew, picked up and moved away. Leaving Jackson confused, scared and alone. If you think things couldn’t get worse for Jackson, they do.

It was just discovered that Jackson has a massive tumor on the back of his tongue and enlarged lymph nodes. This is causing him a great deal of pain, which has made it impossible for him to eat or drink. Jackson desperately needs your help with his veterinary care and rehab.

You can help give Jackson a better life and hopefully some happiness, in his golden years.

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Alan Papszycki ( The Spirit Dog )
President and Founder
Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Today Sucks

This was a day I knew was coming for many months, I had to say goodbye to Lyndsey. When Lyndsey first got here she didn’t have what you could describe as a good life up to that point. She didn’t like to be touched, she didn’t play, she was just afraid and unhappy.

After spending a lot of time with her the first month or two, she started to forget her past, learned how to trust again and really started acting like a happy dog for probably the first time in her life. I love the happy, that’s why this hurts so much.

Awhile ago, Lyndsey was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on the roof of her mouth that because of the cancers location was deemed inoperable. We managed her successfully for many, many months using a holistic approach along with more traditional drug therapies. I sadly knew from the very beginning what the eventual outcome would be for Seedy. My goal as always is to try and give all of our dogs more time, because as you know, time is fleeting.

Up until this Tuesday, Lyndsey was acting her normal happy self. Late Wednesday evening, she started showing the first signs that the cancer was becoming too much for her. She didn’t eat yesterday and she had a hard time drinking water, my poor baby.

I won’t talk about the vets office today, except to say I was extremely glad I had Caida, Beetle Bailey and Olie to hug after I came out, that took a little bit of my pain away.


I Love You, Lyndsey.

The Spirit Dog

Spirit Animal Sanctuary’s Lymphoma Dog ‘Killey Dog’

The day we got Killey dog, I noticed his neck was swollen a little bit. I thought it may have been an infection from fighting until about twenty minutes later when he was comfortable enough with me, so I could really check him out. As soon as I felt his lymph nodes in his neck, then up under his legs, I knew he was in trouble. About a half hour later, he was at our vets office getting his first chemo treatment.

Killey dog received his seventh chemotherapy treatment, today.

Please Help Killey dog receive his life extending medical treatments by donating today.

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The Spirit Dog

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