Fear Aggression is Normal Behavior

In all probability you may think you have done something wrong, if your dog continues to display aggressive behaviors that are rooted in fear. Fear aggressive dogs are a very common problem for many people, this is due to the inherited behavior of the survival instinct that your dog is born with. A certain percentage of dogs, even though you did all the right things raising that puppy, socializing them with people, other animal, etc. Will start displaying the unwanted behavior as they start to mature.

A couple of reasons for this can be :

1- – Sometimes as our puppy starts increasing in size we start becoming a little uncertain about what his body language is telling us.  We may start to inadvertently desocializing our dog, because of our uncertainties and maybe we become a little fearful.

2- – Some dogs just need constant socialization and positive encouragement throughout their young adult and adult life, to be comfortable.

The Spirit Dog

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Sue,

    I see you mentioned you were asked to leave your dog obedience class many years ago and more recently you put Gigi on Prozac. Have you considered hiring an in home dog trainer, that may be able to help Gigi and you ? It’s all about making the dog happy in situations that get them nervous. The dog trainer must be able to relax Gigi around strangers or whatever else she has problems with. The trainer must be able to show you, that Gigi can act differently. If the trainer can’t accomplish relaxing Gigi, that just means you should find another trainer. It’s about getting her happy, dealing with her mind not what obedience commands she knows.

    Good Luck http://www.facebook.com/SpiritAnimalSanctuary

  2. Hi, I am in need of advice about my 10 year old pomeranian/chihauhau mix female dog, Gigi. She was diagnosed at 1 year old as fear based aggressive and we were told to “put her down” back then by the Director of our local animal shelter (my dog and I were kicked out of dog obedience classes). Over the years we have tried to minimize her contact with people and other animals. I do have another chihauhau/lhasa mix that most of the time they get along. Sometimes Gigi will attack my other dog and we have to split them apart. My other dog is very passive and scared all the time. She is 11 years old. Gigi was put on prozac by our local vet which helped at first but now is not. I am dealing with such guilt because I feel it is time to let her go, but I am not sure I have the heart to. Then I feel guilty because my other dog is living on eggshells everyday. Actually, we all are… Gigi has bitten guests over the years and this is why she has to be put in a room locked up when company is visiting. I have been bitten in the past a few times, mainly when breaking up the fights between my dogs. I have always believed pets are like your kids and once you have them they are your responsibility. I have tried over the years to get her and myself, help but Gigi just seems to “snap” and it does not matter what training she has had. I am not really sure what my questions is other than is it ok to “let her go” and have I done all that I can to give her the best life she could have had?

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