Can Anybody Tell Me What Cow Tipping Is ? Cause I Don’t Know.

Really, I don’t know what this is but I heard some people talking about it the other day. And now I’m curious, I need to know. So if anybody actually knows what cow tipping is, please tell me in the comment section below.


The Spirit Dog

I’m guessing this is not cow tipping, or is it ?

A papier-mache cow on Mrs Mellor’s car, 1944

Image by Australian War Memorial collection via Flickr


3 Responses

  1. Thanks Jen, Now that I know what it is, I find it very odd since the cows around here sleep lying down.

    thank you

  2. Ignorant a**holes think it’s funny to push over sleeping cows. Apparently, like horses, cows sleep standing up.

    Daniel, that movie is actuallly giving MORE ignorant a**holes a new idea of what to do with their seemingly abundant playtime.

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