Dog Dominance Myths

I was recently reminded how inaccurate most of today’s dog behavior information in regards to dominance displays by dogs, actually is. If we truly want to help more dogs stay in there homes and not be given up where their chances at adoption are minimal at best, we MUST start truly learning dog behavior and what the dogs are telling us through their body languages.

Most people that say certain dog behaviors are dominance related, only do so because that’s what other people tend to say and they have heard this most of their life. Even know deep in their hearts they may have a hint of doubt to the validity of those teachings, yet they still say it because they are not sure and they don’t want to go against what everybody else seems to say…

The dog dominance myth I’d like to discuss today is dogs mounting other dogs or people. A dog mounting anything and I can’t stress this point enough, Is Not Dominance Related……
It’s a dog being.. well, horny. And in the dogs mind, just like some men..well alright almost all men, anything will do when they get the urge.

Check out some of these dogs in action videos and tell me what you think.

In this first video courtesy of yours truly, check out Stitches the Pit Bulls face. This is not the facial expressions or body language of dominance, this is the facial expressions and body language of an idiot. (Sorry Heather)

This next fun video I found on YouTube. Again, look at this Boston Terriers face. Dominance No,  Horny Yes.

This video although the woman in the video didn’t really seem upset with this Retrievers antics, I’m a little pissed off that the dogs owner allowed this. Again, look at the dogs face, this is not the face of dominance.

Japanese Chin Dogs Gone Wild…………

The Spirit Dog

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7 Responses

  1. Dog mounting is NOT dominance, obviously your one of those caring dog lovers that have been led astray by inaccurate information that has been passed down for many years.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Rick.

  3. I agree, mounting has nothing to do with dominance. I am not a fan of the “dominance theory” either. I have not seen any cases where a dog is dominant, ill mannered maybe, but not dominant. Thanks for sharing the videos and the post.

  4. you are an idiot if this is meant to be serious

  5. Thanks, Al.

    Yeah, Dino’s a big knucklehead! He can’t see a thing and constantly walks into things. And he’s sooo hyper.

    I told my gf I’ve going to start calling him ADDino!


  6. Good Morning Bob,

    Yes, the same reason. Female-Female, Female-Male, Male-Male, it doesn’t matter to dogs what they mount. There were a ton of funny dog videos mounting all types of things (cat’s, duck’s, coffee tables, rubber duck’s, toys, blankets, etc.)on youtube and other video sharing platforms

    Whether or not you stop a dog from humping another dog for fun, really depends on the other dog. If the other dog can potentially start a fight because of the advances of freak dog, or if it’s an old dog, or sick dog, or a little guy that may get hurt, then you should stop it.

    In general you can just let a dog be a dog and supervise so things don’t get out of hand.

    BTW….. Dinos adorable…thanks for sending me his photos.


  7. What if it female does it to a male? Is it for the same reason?

    A young female Boxer pup was trying to mount our much older, male Maltese. The Boxer was at least twice the size of the Maltese.

    In general, should the behavior be stopped when someone sees one dog mounting another, or is it one of those things to just keep an eye on?


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