Well Hello Dolly, Your Really Not Aggressive

This pretty little girls name is Dolly. Dolly came to live with us here at Spirit Animal Sanctuary after many other dog rescue organizations suggested euthanasia for her because of her dog aggression problems.  I spent many hours with Dolly, reintroducing her to her own species and teaching her how to be a well socialized dog again, something many dogs forget and need to relearn after their puppy-hood.

This video was shot about a month after Dolly arrived here at Spirit….

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The Spirit Dog

Spirit Animal Sanctuary
2539 East Road
Boonville, New York 13309

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9 Responses

  1. WOW! They are adorable!

  2. Hi Betty,
    You’re Welcome.

    I’m glad you got to see Bouncer, You’ll get to see more of here in some upcoming videos.

  3. HI Alan…..Dolly looks like “she’s still goin strong!” I saw Bouncer in there, too….she looks like a new dog..so happy…thank you again!

  4. Thank you Jen,
    Dolly sure does have some admirers, doesn’t she..

  5. Hello Bob,

    Dolly is adorable isn’t she ? Hey Bob, email me a picture of Dino, so I can see what he looks like.

  6. Hello Maria,

    She is very Purrdy (I’m like a country guy now, I think by law I have to say Purrdy instead of Pretty)
    A video featuring Skippy is in the works….

  7. Dolly is a popular girl!!

    You’re looking swell….Dolly!

    You’re awesome, Al.

  8. She’s adorable!

    So, we all just need our own pack of dogs and some Spirit magic!


  9. Dolly is gorgeous!! Thanks for helping her!! I see Skippy in there too!!! I love seeing him in the videos!
    Thanks Alan!

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