Spirit Animal Sanctuary Weather

Rain, then more rain, then some Sun followed by severe thunderstorms followed by drizzle, rain, thunderstorms, rain, rain, sun, rain and yes you guessed it more rain. We’re suppose to have more thunderstorms today, followed by two sunny day’s ( I hope ), before thunderstorms are suppose to revisit us Wednesday and Thursday.

Which means lot’s and lot’s of fun for our dogs, as they just love rolling in the high wet hay grass and digging in the mud. And although the mud is driving me crazy, ultimately the only thing that really matters is our dogs happiness. And since they like it so much, I’ll bitch and moun a little bit, then I’ll start smiling when I see how happy they are and how much fun they are having. Which some of the dogs are having for the first time in their lives.

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8 Responses

  1. Zero loves getting dirty! Suits his white coat just fine 🙂 Hope he is well and would love to hear how his Summer is going. Sometimes in warm weather he gets hives all over his back. Hope that hasn’t happened this year as they are a bit hard to get back under control and they itch him something fierce. I still feel so grateful he has such a fun place to live, has a pack to romp around with, and has a good friend like you, Al, who always has their best interest at heart. Thank you.

  2. We should all be so lucky to enjoy something as simple as rolling around in the mud.

    Hope Mama is having a good time!!!!

  3. Hi Bob,

    We actually had a beautiful day today, no thunderstorms as predicted. Although I do know that down state got hit pretty good today.


  4. Hi Betty,

    Bouncer has been absolutely fine with the thunderstorms, after having these storms on and off for about two weeks she finally got used to them.


  5. Hi Evelyn,

    Goldie is one of our ‘guys’ , that really enjoys the mud. I guess we’ve been lucky with the rain, at least it has cooled things down a little bit.


  6. We’ve had a few thunderstorms in between heat, heat, and more heat!

    And, you’re only “a little” north of me.

  7. Bouncer used to be terrified of thunder….now I hope she’s ok with all her friends to comfort her!

  8. pretty lucky though. In the mid-atlantic we have heat and more heat. No fun for the doggies at all!

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