Why Does My Dog Eat Poop ?

Many people have heard that poop snacks (coprophagy- the real word for poopy eating) can be attributed to a poor diet, lack of nutrition, your dog might be bored, nervous, anxious, trying to hide the evidence or a slew of other reasonable sounding explanations as to why your dog eats pooh.

Here at Spirit Animal Sanctuary I study all dogs behaviors and learn from everything. And I can tell you without question, some dogs just like to eat poop. It’s that simple. Out of the almost ninety dogs that we have living here, only a handful prefer the culinary delights of caca. Doesn’t matter if it’s their own poop or not. But even those dogs that enjoy eating canine kakee, would much prefer the culinary delights of cat poop or geese poop and forget about cow pies, um-um-um. Just ask’em.

Since all of our guys are fed the same feeds, dry, canned and raw, we can pretty much eliminate poor diet or lack of nutrition, which is a common explanation when a dog owner asks “why does my dog eat his own poop”.

And for those folks that live in the colder climate zones, you guys are probably all to familiar with frozen poop-cicles. Good Humor’s got nothing on them.

The Spirit Dog

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5 Responses

  1. We have a poop eater here. It wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t come and lick my arm and breathe in my face afterward. eeewww.

    I read somewhere that feeding pumpkin to dogs makes their poop taste bad so they won’t eat it. Haven’t tried it yet . . . .

  2. Isn’t eating poop a good way to get e-coli ? e-coli is can be fatal… what to do?

  3. I understand why some dogs eat poop I was wondering if anybody knows why my dog (a rescue from a puppy mill) will pee on the tile and then turnaround and drink it?

  4. Ruebens-za say’s, ” Your boy’s a little odd”

    Actually, dogs that lap up pee-pee are much more common than poop eaters. I have to go with the same answer on that one, they just like it or they may derive some sexual excitement out of it just like some freaky humans do, eeewwwww yukky.

  5. Riddle me this Batman:
    Why does my dog lick up pee before he pees on top of the pee????
    He laps up every dog’s pee, not just other members of our pack.

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