The Spirit Dog Saves the Life of a Wayward Bunny Rabbit

Last night I saved the life of a bunny rabbit that inadvertently wandered inside the fencing of our dogs play yards. It was about, I don’t know 10:30–11:00 when I opened, then went to close a walk through gate, and a small dark figure went shooting by me and immediately he had a pack of twenty some odd dogs chasing him. Our dogs must of thought I bought them a new toy that moved all by itself.

Here’s the odd part, the little guy went running into the high hay grass 150 feet away that the dogs love to play in, then, the little maniac rabbit came running back and straight into one of our unused 5 x 10 outside dog pens that connects to the giant play yards, where I was standing. And here comes all the dogs right on his tail, so I yelled NO, they all stopped and I closed the gate door with the little rabbit and me inside. After he was freaking out for a little bit, he came over and sat on my foot.

So I went out to one of our storage buildings, got one of those little cat carrier things, and scooted the rabbit inside the carrier. I was going to take some video of the little guy inside the carrier, but he was breathing so hard I thought he was going to take a heart attack or something.

After I carried the carrier (can I say that ?) with him inside into the woods, I opened it up and he didn’t want to come out. So I tipped it over and out the rabbit ran into the woods, much to the dismay of our dogs, I’m sure.

The Spirit Dog


14 Responses

  1. Had a similar experience. My Jasper chases the bunnies until they die of a heart attack, but the last time the bunny ran past me and into the garage and under the car. Luckily, I was able to get Jasper in and leave the garage door open for the bunny to escape!

  2. That, pretty much says it all !! Except, Elmer never did get Bugs, some sort of contractual agreement I would imagine.

  3. Ha Ha. What’s up doc?

  4. This says pretty much what was on their mind:

  5. Now That’s Funny.

  6. “I tawt I taw a pussy-….Oh crap!”

  7. Good to hear that Sticky Jones was not trying to kill the rabbit!

  8. Babbit! Lucky little git.

    That *definitely* ruined his day. Though not so much as haveing holes in his nice new coat I am sure.

  9. Hi Betty,

    Unlike Michelle’s Sticky, your Bouncer was one of the guys having fun chasing the little guy.

  10. Hello Michelle,

    You’ll be happy to know that Sticky, couldn’t have cared less about the Rabbit.

  11. Hi Leigh,

    He was almost the spirit of the bunny past, next time he should just text me.

  12. That was one very lucky bunny!! I’ll bet he’s still running!!

  13. Ahhhhhhh. I’m glad your dogs mind you so well that you were able to save the bunny.

  14. Maybe it was the spirit of a past dog, now in a bunny body, who wanted to say hello to you.

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