Reintroduced Puppy Mill Bill In Front of our Elected Officials

Please tell, or rather DEMAND that you local elected officials support bill, S. 3424/H.R. 5434—Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act.

This bill is getting plenty of opposition from selected special interest groups.

These poor and abused animals need you to stand up for them in every state, not just Ohio.

Read what this puppy mill bill will accomplish if passed.

An easy way for you to email your elected representatives and ask them to please support the puppy mill bill, is to visit this site put up by the ASPCA.

And please help Spirit Animal Sanctuary by donating today, so we can continue to save the dogs that are the unfortunate byproduct of these breeders. Thank You.
Visit us on YouTube, and see your donations at work.

The Spirit Dog


3 Responses

  1. It was a while ago that I read a similar bill that had been written, ad shot down.

    The wording was atrocious, it could far too easily be used to have shut down legitimate hobby breeders. And no exact set of guidelines was proposed. It was all “to be determined” by a committee.

    The whole thing reeked of ulterior motive. And I think this is the problem with these bills as written I think if such a bill were written simply, concisely and explicitly. And by someone who simply wanted to see puppy mills stopped, not anything else, then it would not meet the objection the current ones are getting.

    (I’m probably going to regret opening my big mouth on a political topic, but this is what I see.)

  2. Thanks Bob.

    That was a bill that should of passed two years ago, but there was something wrong with the language or it met some strong opposition for reasons unknown to me.


  3. I sent through the petition on the APCA web site.

    As they say, we are the voice for those that can’t speak.


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