Little Dogs LOVE Pasta

Yea, I share everything with our guys especially my food. The little dog in the video’s name is Caida, she acts just like a cat jumping up on everything which could be part of her problem, apparently she’s a little confused.

The Spirit Dog

The Spirit Dog Youtube Channel

The Spirit Dog's YouTube Channel


6 Responses

  1. Good question, Bouncer asked me the same thing when she was eating the pasta of my fork.

  2. That’s why you see me occasionally holding the bowl, so Caida doesn’t slide it off the table. Gotta-love-da-sauce.

  3. I’m telling her you called her fat !! lol

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha

    She’s going to get FAT if you keep feeding her like that! 😀

    I too let my dogs polish my plates. Totally grosses my sister out. I tell her that’s what a dishwasher is for, totally disinfects things. Barring my dishwasher working (broken now) everything sits in scalding hot water and then gets washed.

    Happy girl!

  5. Our first Maltese used to love my mom’s sauce. We used to put some macaroni and sauce in a plate and he would push it around the kitchen floor licking it it clean.

  6. Are you sure she’s not Italian??

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