The Big Bone Dog

I like it like that. Can anybody guess the dogs name carrying around that gigundo bone. Is it Stitch, Cake, Wrigley, Sam, Sticks or Snowball ?

The Spirit Dog


8 Responses

  1. Ha ha that is totally Sticks. He used to get huge branches out of the yard and try to bring them in the house but they wouldn’t fit through the door. He looks so happy. Thanks for taking such good care of him.

  2. He looked very proud of that one.

  3. maybe its Cerberus 🙂


  4. Hi Michelle,

    That’s the biggest bone I’ve seen him carry so far, luckily I was shooting some video when he did it.


  5. That’s Sticks…. and he’s always carrying around a bone, but usually not that big.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by alan papszycki. alan papszycki said: The Big Bone Dog: […]

  7. Ha Ha. That’s funny! It’s amazing how well the dogs get along and don’t fight over the bone. It looks like the dog, who I won’t name, is showing that bone off to the rest.

    Thanks Al

  8. I don’t know what his name is, but it should be called Femur!

    Man, you could have three dogs gnawing on that thing. Though, it looks like he was staying on the move in case anyone got any ideas about taking it.


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