Why Dogs Walk In Front Of Us, The Answer

You want answers ?

You want the truth ?

You can’t handle the…………..oops…. sorry about that.

This is not rocket science, nor is this coding for animation….Bob. lol

Dogs walk in-front of us for one main reason, they have four legs and walk fast, we have two legs and walk slow. That’s what Bouncer told me anyway, Betty. Although, all the dogs snickered a little bit when I asked that question. The breakdown is something like this, humans are said to walk at around 2.7 to 3 mph, although some think that’s more of a brisk walk as opposed to being an average walking speed. Dogs on the other hand, tend to walk at around 4.4 to 5 mph.

That might not seem like a big difference between people walking and dogs walking. But it’s almost twice as fast. Unless of course your dog stops and tries to catch something, like, lets say frogs.

Now lets throw in the fact that, yes dogs get very excited when they finally get out of the damn house and go for a walk. This is why many people usually get pulled part way down the street, while the dog is saying ” Hurry Up, Hurry Up, Hurry Up, Lets Go, Lets Go, Lets Go, Isn’t This Fun ? ” Look at their face, look at their eyes, you know that’s what their saying. Dogs are not saying, ” I’m the boss, you walk behind me “. People think like that, not dogs.

Dogs Walk Twice As Fast As We Do.

The Spirit Dog

© copyright 2010 a.s.papszycki

8 Responses

  1. Hi Jen,

    Yuck ! Went through that a couple of years ago, fortunately I had everything backed-up on external hard drives. Lost some obscure programs that I liked to use, but I guess you can say it cleaned out my clutter.

    Good Luck


  2. Hi Al,
    No comment, just trying to get on the subscription list by sending a message…hard drive completely wiped, have to start again at everything…

  3. I’m thinking of building some sort of scooter and getting my dogs sled harnesses and letting them burn off some steam pulling me down the street a ways.

    They are 10.5 and 14.5 lbs, so we’re not talking a very long distance!

    Any thoughts?

  4. There you go! My little dog about pulls me off my feet at the start of the walk, and who can blame her? She’s been shut inside the house 9 hours waiting for her walk! On the way home I am able to relocate my shoulder, and she has a big grin on her face.

  5. There you go Bob, the analogy of you as a child is a great analogy. It’s that simple, not the animation stuff but a dogs brain.


  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by alan papszycki. alan papszycki said: Why Dogs Walk In Front Of Us, The Answer: http://wp.me/pem96-1is […]

  7. Well damn……..now that makes sense!! 🙂

  8. And it takes twice as long to animate 4 legs, too!

    As a kid, I was the same way. Always running ahead, always flying out the door first. It’s just excitement. And add another pair of legs and there’s no stopping them!


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