Dogs DON’T Pull on a Leash For Dominance

Say That Three Time’s Fast…

Dogs DON’T Pull on a Leash For Dominance.

Dogs DON’T Pull on a Leash For Dominance.

Dogs DON’T Pull on a Leash For Dominance.

If you’re one of those few people out there that still think that a dog pulling on a leash is challenging your authority and trying to dominate you, well maybe it’s time you…………………….

Do I have to say it ?

Do I have to say it ?

Got It ?

Get It ?

Good !

Leave a comment telling me why you think dogs pull on a leash.

The Spirit Dog


8 Responses

  1. Because they finally get to get outta the house and *do* what dogs do, sniff, roam around etc.

    Just like anybody or any-animal cooped up, they come out *fresh* and raring to go. I can tell when my pups have ahd enough on a walk because they let the leash go really slack!

  2. What we teach dogs to do, they already know how to do (basic training). We just put it on cue so they do it when we want them to.

    When we teach a dog NOT to do something, we’re usually telling it not to be a dog. Those who don’t teach the dog an alternate, but equally satisfying behavior to the one they don’t want, are going to make them and their dog very unhappy.

    You have to let dogs be dogs!


  3. My theory is that dogs pull on leashes because they’re dogs. Then again, that’s going to be my answer to just about everything. Take the genetic coding from a wolf, jumble it around and rearrange it so much that we have several hundred different “breeds” of domesticated dogs, and expect their behavior to come out with complete understanding by a human? Scoff, scoff. I don’t get why people want to ascribe human emotions and cause/effect behaviors to dogs. They pull because they can.

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  5. Beats the hell out of me!! I’ve always wondered why!!

  6. Hmm…not following you…;-)

    Actually, I think WE pull on the leash because we want to dominate the dog!

    When we walk Dino, being a sheep dog, he winds up lumbering a little just to stay back. And he is VERY excitable!


  7. Because they are excited! Their natural exploring gait is to trot or run around! When I see a dog just walking/plodding along like humans do – I figure it is old or not feeling well. They are not doing it to show they are dominant to us ~ they’re just having a good time. 🙂

  8. I believe in two theories – one, scent takes total control of the dog, being that they are headed out into the world and we no longer exist to them thanks to all of the new wonders and most importantly, smells; and two, opposition. I’m pulling on one end, so naturally, they are going to pull in the opposite direction.

    It’s a vicious battle that almost no one will ever win until one of us (likely the dog) gets tired and submits.

    That’s my best guess but would love to hear your reasons, Alan. 🙂 Kiss Shakey for all of us. I can’t wait to see the crew again and I hope you are ALL doing great!

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