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Watch as, Tippy, Olie, Caida, Chloe, Boz, Brewster, Rogee, Frankie, Sam, Goldie, Bella ,Sofia, Spock, Franklin, Pharaoh, Sadie, Diesel, Gillie, Mama, Nicky, Henry, Jimmy, Shelly, Grizzly, Ellie, Yukon, Bo, Smokey, Kila, Nero, Stitch, Killie, Beethoven, Pooh, l’il Bella, Waldo, Teddy, Zero, Harley, Missy, Bogey, Gia, Cake, Elvis, Bouncer, Kayla, Buddy 1, Buddy 2, Shakes, Wrigley, Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, Charlie, Princess, Heidi, and a cast of thousands, well OK maybe not thousands but a lot of dogs, living their lives to the fullest at Spirit Animal Sanctuary.

The Spirit Dog


8 Responses

  1. This is so *kewl*!

  2. You’re welcome Brenda. For Sticks, I call the bones sticks, meaning I always say “Where’s your stick, Sticks”


  3. Hi Al,

    Thanks so much for the video of Sticks. He looks like he is having a great time. He always did love bones and sticks. The bigger the better 🙂

  4. Oh, I bet Sticks loves that bone. He got his name cuz he was always carrying around sticks. Now he has something better. I guess Sticky Jones fits him too, cuz he sticks close to you like he used to to with Mike.

  5. Sticky Jones, it is !

    He’s usually right next to me, but he’s also usually carrying around his giant bone

  6. Hi Al,

    I would to add our Sticks (Sticky Jones) to your list of dogs you have. Did enjoy seeing him. He looks happy. Looks like he stays pretty close to you when you’re out with the dogs.


  7. Great video…again!

    Love the perfect meet and greet with Bear and Tedy.

    Keep us posted on the seminar. I’d definitely love to go.


  8. Alan….Thanks so much for these videos…Bouncer looks wonderful and happy….What a relief to know she is with you…and will never know fear or rejection again!

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