Dog Aggression a Thing of the Past Spirit Animal Sanctuary Boonville New York

Not only do you have to get dogs to be happy, they also have to trust you and trust in you to keep them safe from whatever fears they may have. This is the essence of modifying fear aggressive and aggressive behaviors in dogs. Contrary to what you may have learned and believe, confident dogs which can be described as ‘Alpha Dogs’, rarely respond with physical action while another dog is displaying threat behaviors.

The reason for this is simple, the alpha knows the other dog is a fucking idiot. A true alpha dog, will tolerate a lot of nonsense from others until it’s time for him to teach that other dog, “don’t do that”. Many people think they have an alpha dog because their dog will bark or growl ferociously at other dogs, this is not the case as confident dogs don’t act aggressively or like idiots.

Oh-yea, and puppies are never ever alphas.

The Spirit Dog


7 Responses

  1. Hi Al…looks like you could use a few trees at SAA, I would like to donate a few if you think you could use them. Sent a separate e-mail re: your seminar, please sned info ASAP

  2. Hi Al,

    Zero looks like he’s fitting right in! Thank you so much for posting the video and including some long shots of my guy. I miss him every day so to see him running around and thriving makes me happy. The sanctuary and the work you put in to it are amazing. I will be forever grateful Zero has such an awesome place to live.


  3. HELP!! I have a wonderful Wheaten Terrier about 6 years old has papers and is usually the most loving dog ever… large as he is he is lovable and will let you sleep on him… a great friend but there are time where he bits only twice with humans in his 6 year life but has gotten into fights with another Terrier. We need to remove him from my parents home since he bit my mom… they are really to old for such a large and energetic dog.

    I need your help I can’t get him a home being that he bit and I do not want to put him to sleep – we’ll take him anywhere that will give him a good life but I only have until Saturday given that my mom is afraid of him and he is muzzled now.

    PLEASE PLEASE help me – I LOVE all animals and know that in the right place he would flourish and be happy to be a dog with some fear issues.

    I have no where else to turn if you can’t help me PLEASE PLEASE let me know what else I can do – Chester’s life is at stake!!!

    Vicky Lezaca

  4. Hi Al – I work with the Friends of Linden and I think I caught a few shots of Princess in this video – I’ll always have a soft spot for her (I adopted her daughter when they were surrendered together) and I’m so happy to see her thriving. She looks wonderful and I’m glad to see she’s put on some much needed weight. Thank you so much for all you do, and especially all you’ve done for Princess, Heidi and Wrigley.

  5. It was interesting to see how some of the dogs seem to put each other in check.

    I need to send my naughty Bronson out there for a week. He’s terribly dog aggressive. Good thing he only weighs 22 lbs.

  6. Me too!!!!! I would love to attend, let me know! 🙂

  7. Al…

    I’d definitely be interested in the seminar. Is this post enough, or should I email you also?

    I’d love to get some insight on the Spirit Magic!


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