Fear Aggression, The Socializing of Smokey

This here is Smokey, or Smoke Stacks. Smokey came to Spirit Animal Sanctuary because of severe fear aggression towards people, that made it impossible for the rescue organization to safely adopt him out.

Some day I will shoot a video to show you exactly how I do this stuff. And the stuff I’m talking about is how I relax a nervous dog and gain their trust.

I shot this video the second day Smokey was with us.

And remember kiddies, this is a no flooding zone. Flooding is a training technique used by individuals that know nothing about animal behavior.

The Spirit Dog


3 Responses

  1. Hi AL,
    Smokey looks so relaxed and relieved. That brings tears to my eyes.


  2. Another great video, Al.

    I’d love to see more “instructional” type of videos, too. Especially on subjects like aggression (people, dogs, animals, food). Would be helpful not only to dog owners or people interested in training, but also for those working in shelters where all kinds of problem dogs can show up or develop problems while at the shelter.

    Thanks for the vid!


  3. Al, you are getting so GOOD at making these videos…even queueing the music to the action!! I think you should make a series of these short videos and sell them.
    Did I see in another post you may be visiting LI soon? Please let me know, I have an idea for a fundraiser….

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