Dogs Don’t Outgrow Behavior Problems

Many people commonly think that their dog will outgrow whatever behavior problems they are currently exhibiting. This couldn’t be further from the truth unless you get really, really, really lucky, and then more times than not you have probably helped your dog through their behavior problems without you even realizing it.

If you have a younger dog and she starts doing somethings that you may or may not find cute now, ask yourself one simple question. Will I be able to handle this dog, when she is full-grown.

You may not be afraid of your puppy or young dog right now, but rest assured your fear will  increase as your dogs size increases. You would be hard pressed to find anybody that’s afraid of puppy, but all too many of us are afraid of dogs. I’ve seen this exact same thing way too often.

At the first signs of something you don’t like, either fix it or hire a trainer.

The Spirit Dog

© 2010 a.s.papszycki

One Response

  1. Yes indeed!

    “How cute he is the way he nips at my finger”, can become, “Do you think the doc can save the finger?”

    LOTS of dog owners definitely don’t think of the adult version of their dog.

    And, why WOULD the pup outgrow? He obviously likes doing whatever it is, so I would think he would just keep doing it unless taught otherwise.


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