Puppy Crate Training Hurdles

As I have previous mentioned in a couple of other housebreaking articles, the biggest problem with using a crate to house train your puppy can be the crate itself. A puppy can only hold it for so long before they have to go and if nobodies home or awake at night when they gotta go, they’re gonna go. In this case the crate training method becomes detrimental to your early successes, because it eliminates the opportunity for the puppy to go away from her sleeping area.

Over the years we have raised many packs of puppies to research animal behaviors, almost without exception by five or six weeks of age all the puppies started relieving themselves away from their living, sleeping and eating areas. A crate will only allow your puppy to go to the bathroom, well, in her crate. So you see the problem.

I have lost count of how many of dog owners have called me up, freaking out because the puppy went in the crate. And if you have ever seen a crate that a puppy has gone in, it kinda looks like a really bad child’s finger painting from all the squished pee and poop.

If you are home most of the day a crate that allows your puppy minimal room, should be fine. But if you’re out of your house five, eight, ten hours a day, you’re going to run into the finger painting mess.

Please remember, your puppy is a baby that needs a significant amount of time before she can hold it all day long while you’re at work.

These two links below, will teach you everything you need to successfully housebreak you’re puppy. Copy and paste the link into your browser window.



Good Luck

The Spirit Dog

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  3. […] Puppy Crate Training Hurdles « The Spirit Dog […]

  4. […] Puppy Crate Training Hurdles « The Spirit Dog […]

  5. […] Puppy Crate Training Hurdles « The Spirit Dog […]

  6. […] Puppy Crate Training Hurdles « The Spirit Dog […]

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