How Do Alpha Dogs Lead Their Pack

Alpha Dogs Lead by Example, Nothing More, Nothing Less
Alpha dogs lead by example alone, not by being the first to do things.

I feel the need to revisit this topic of alpha dog stuff for a moment after a couple of recent comments on this blog and over on my YouTube Channel. By some attempting to contradict what I had said, by quoting alpha dog rules they have learned from other people.

You know the rules I’m talking about, but the two erroneous alpha rule things most often taught that I’m going to focus on here are;” Don’t let your dog go through your door before you. ” ( Reasoning being Alphas always go first . And ” Don’t let your dog walk in front of you on the leash. ” ( Again, the reason being alphas always go first. ) Not true, Not true, not true, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Lets take the first one first, duh.

Your dog will attempt to run out your door first, for one simple reason and ONE reason alone. He’s excited to finally get out of the friggen house. He’s all like, “WTF, I’ve been in this god dam house all day, LETS GO, LETS GO, LETS GO, I gots trees to piss on, squirrels to chase and shit to eat, COME ON ALREADY !!!!!.

Now lets address the second thing, the dog walking in front of you on the leash.
In addition to your dog being very excited to finally get out of the house, WE WALK WAY TO SLOW FOR DOGS. Dogs essentially jog everywhere they want to go, while we have a tendency to walk everywhere we go.
I have a question for you,” What usually happens on the return walk home ? “

So you see in neither one of the above examples, are they dominance issues being shown by your dog. This is what I was attempting to get across in this video.
(NOTE : Link fixed)

The alpha dog, pack leader, big kahuna or whatever you want to call it, in this video, is of course me.

The whole point here is, Alpha dogs lead by example alone, not by being the first to do things.

It is a relatively important thing for you to teach your dog NOT to pull on the leash, which includes going out your door first. But this is for safety reasons alone, and in no way shape or form will teach your dog that you’re the boss.

The Spirit Dog

© 2010 a.s.papszycki
spirit animal sanctuary inc.

2 Responses

  1. Hi spirit dog! I totally agree with your reply! I think the dog trainors or experts whatever…i seriously think they never had a pet dog, or had always treated them “scientifically” and failed to get the natural meaning behind dogs actions. Of course, the dog runs into the house and out of the house first because they are excited to go out or excited to come in! It’s so funny how others think of it as an alpha issue… I dont think they really know dogs…Ive been with dogs all my life too, my grandparents, and parents before me all had dogs… I cant remember a time we didnt have pet dogs in the house.. and yes, Im also 50 years now… Many thanks kindred spiritdog!

  2. Hey Al!

    Just out of curiousity, how do you normally teach a dog not to pull on lead?

    I’ve heard to jerk when the dog is pulling. To reward when not pulling. To turn around and walk the other way. And probably other stuf I’m forgetting.


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