Dog Plays With Deer

How cool is this.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

The Spirit Dog


9 Responses

  1. Think Mama, would play like that ?

  2. Hi Kate,

    That was just a video I found on Youtube, but wasn’t that so cool ?

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Apparently it’s been snowing all over the place, except for where it’s suppose to snow, up here. So far through 2/15/2010, we’ve only had 75 inches of snow, compared to 183 inches of snow that fell by the same date last year.

    And yes, Sticky and his bone, love the snow. In case I haven’t told you, a cow leg bone is like his favorite toy. He doesn’t go anywhere without it.

  4. Pretty neat!

    funny how the deer started wagging it’s tail in response to the dog’s movements. It’s as if the deer knew after the first circling, the dog didn’t see it as prey. They truly looked like they wanted to play with each other.

    Looked like a young deer. If it was older, we might have had a different story.


  5. That video is great! It’s amazing how the deer recognized the play positions of the dog, and even let the dog chase him.

    Hey, how’s the weather up there. Did you get alot of snow from the storm Al?

  6. LOVE it! Is that deer a “friend?” or did he just wander onto the sanctuary? Too funny!

  7. AMAZING!!!!
    I wish I could have that much fun!

  8. ROTFL

    It’s really too bad that evolution has set it up so that animal orginisms have to survive by eating other animal organisms.

    This just shows how much fun it the alternative would be!

  9. AH, what clueless animals WE are…why are we not playing with each other like this??!!
    I love it that these different species have the same moves when they play. That’s got to be inherited…why have we lost those good genes, but still have the ones that make us want to hunt “for sport”?! Or maybe that has nothing to do with genetics, just bad upbringing or a brain disorder…hehehe

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