Why Do Dogs, Lie On Top Of Us ?

Lets see how much you know about canine inherited behaviors. Now I want you to think for yourself on this one, don’t tell me what you have read or heard somewhere, most likely the information you have obtained has flaws in it, so I’d like you to think for yourself on this one.

There are four correct answers and an extra answer that will be correct sometimes, but on very rare occasions.

Don’t worry about trying to get them all right, and don’t think to hard about your answers. If you can’t come up with every one of the answers, don’t worry about it, just answer what you can.

The answers to this question are on a password protected post, so if you want the password, you have to take a shot at answering the question.

Good- Luck

The Spirit Dog

copyright © 2010 a.s.papszycki

50 Responses

  1. I suppose it’s too late for the password right? I ask as my dog is laying on top of me watching the world pass by through our window.

  2. To feel secure, warmth, and dogs are part of a pack so they like to be close to you

  3. I think she’s claiming me.

  4. I’m guessing they lay on top of us to cuddle, bit obviously it may be a dominant position to be in? I wanna know! Lol

  5. i feel they lay on us because we are their owners we take care of them so they want to protect us, they love us, they want to be near us at night, the bed is more comfy than the floor, your warm, and most of all because they are our our four legged fur babies (girlfriends words) and they are part of the family so we let them do it.

  6. I can see how to even get a password there is no registration???

  7. I really want to answer because my dog loves laying on top of me, so I just want t maesure its a good thing, I don’t think it dominace, I really think its because he loves me

  8. I answered and got a email with the comment I posted but didn’t get a email about a password

  9. Dogs lie on top of us becaue they miss us, to show love, because they want to snuggle and because he wants to be near us

  10. To feel loved, to snuggle, and to feel safe and secure

  11. To feel secure, to show dominance.

  12. How do I get the password since I answered?

  13. To be dominat or show love

  14. Because they feel we are sad

  15. I answered…how do I get the password?

  16. because they feel as though they can protect us better

  17. he thinks Im his wife

  18. Pack mentality. Also why they like to lay next to us, with their backs against us…same way they did with their litter mates. Security in numbers. Warmth.

  19. 1)your warm
    2)you smell nice
    3)they love you
    4)wanna make sure your safe

  20. they want a better view, they are comfortable and showing affection… or just because they can 🙂

  21. I think they lay on a person because
    1. They have a pack mentality and want to be close
    2. They can sense/ smell that you are sick
    3. They are sick
    4. Just guessing nit really sure

  22. I think they feel safe and secure when they’re close to us. Or that’s at least what I want to believe. I hate reading all of the articles that say that my puppy isn’t even allowed to sleep in the bedroom with me…let alone next to me in bed. Why get a puppy if I can’t form that bond with it? 😦

  23. Love

  24. Dang I just came across this post. I want the answer!

    I think it’s just pack mentality, I don’t think it has anything to do with dominance just a hey you’re my buddy, I feel safe with you. It’s a safe secure warm place.

  25. inherited pack behavior.

  26. 1 power
    2 affection
    3 part of the pack
    4 knowing where you are
    5 control

  27. 1. To see better what’s going on around us.
    2. We’re softer than the ground.
    3. We’re too cold.
    4. To smell the area better.
    5. Snuggle factor.

  28. Because he loves me right? At least that’s what I choose to believe.

  29. 1- ownership
    2- want attention
    3- dinner time reminder

  30. because we let them!

  31. comfort zone

  32. To find the answer post, click on January in the archives section, then click on the post that says ‘ Behavior quiz answer’.

  33. check your email for the password

  34. Ok, where’s the password? 🙂

  35. ROFL. Best Answer Evar !!

  36. Because I smell good, LOL.

  37. showing affection
    safety-nap time
    protecting something they consider their own

  38. I guess it may have something to do with nursing and trying to climb ontop of their littermates to get to their food.

    I think they like the affection and warmth and it puts them in a position where they can run or disengage if they become scared or uncomfortable.

    It feels good.

  39. Did you get your password ?

  40. Hey Al, I never got my password, should I be doing something else?

  41. Affection
    protection of themselves and owner
    Show ownership of one underneath

  42. Sorry!! I had a typo in my e-mail last time, here are my answers:

    Dominant position

  43. This is a MUCH bette way to do a pop quiz. Guaranteed answers!

  44. Just guessing!

    1. Warmth
    2. Affection (Of my two dogs, it was the very unbossy bitch who often laid her head on me, not the very bossy dog)
    3. Fear – something out there’s scary and you’ll protect me
    4. Needing attention? (Clutching at straws – my male dog would sometimes lie his head on or near me when he wanted me to get up and do something more interesting)

  45. This was fun, Al…let’s do another!!!!

  46. dominace
    part of pack

  47. I would say:

    1.Something they used to do when first born. Lying close to or on their litter mates.

    2. For warmth. Again, possibly hearkening back to the wolf in them. Keeping warm being on top of each other (sort of like a “three dog night” with humans and dogs).

    3. Could be a dominance thing sometimes. They’re on you and you can’t move without them knowing it (sort of like getting their permission first).

    4. Or, just a feeling of closeness. Sometimes our little Maltese comes up to me if I’m on the floor, turns his back and falls into my lap.

    These are just off the top of my head.


  48. I’m thinking this would be a dominant behavior, but my dogs don’t try dominance with me, yet they want to lay over me when I’m sitting down. I don’t think a dominance angle would be right here. When my dogs lay on me, they usually want to get their heads rubbed.
    Now, when I lay on the floor, they are so-o-o excited, but they don’t try to lay ON ME then, they stand over me and want to lick me to death…
    Maybe a protection thing…wouldn’t a mom shelter her pups with her body if danger was near…?
    I’m also thinking a child climbs on mummy/daddy’s lap, for closeness, feeling of belonging…
    This is a good one, Al
    Can’t wait to get my password

  49. Off the top of my head…

    Family/pack bonding: you know “dog pile”. 🙂

    In play: sort of a “ha ha, I got you!”

    Possessive: my human – you stay away.

    Umm… They are cold?

    Ok, I gave it a shot. Now where’s my password? 😉

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