Holiday Puppy Buyers Guide

Holiday puppy buyers guide or Do you really want a puppy?

The holiday season is prime puppy buying season for many people. What can be better than sharing your home and your love with a brand spanking new, I can just eat’em up with a spoon puppy. Sadly sometimes this love is short-lived as soon as you start realizing the commitment an animal takes and the demand of your time and money.

Puppies are great, they are so sweet, so lovable and so adorable. But you must take into consideration that unless you buy a tiny breed puppy, within the first 12 to 16 weeks of you getting your new puppy it’s going to get very big and start looking like a dog instead of that cute fur ball you bought.

Even if you bought a tiny breed dog, many are still abandoned when the novelty of the new puppy wears off and the demand on your time starts wearing thin. ( Animal shelters in California seeing glut of Chihuahuas‎ )

And the demand of time I’m taking about is housebreaking, taking the dog out often so you don’t have to continue housebreaking, feeding, grooming, trips to your veterinary office for routine health maintenance, the cleaning of pee and poop during the many, many, many months of that housebreaking thing, you’re going to go through destructive chewing phase or phases of just about all your stuff getting chewed up, if you want to go away for a weekend you have to find a boarding kennel and if it’s during the major holidays forget about boarding your dog somewhere unless you booked it months in advance.

Am I trying to dissuade you from buying a brand new puppy ? Well, yes and no. Puppies are cute and adorable that’s a given, but quite frankly the biggest problem they have going for them is they are absolutely irresistible. So many of us just can’t see past that cuteness when we are thinking about getting a puppy. You really have to take a more long term approach and look at it, before that little puppy becomes a dog that unfortunately nobodies going to adopt in the event you have to give him away.

So please think twice, hell think three and four times, before making your decision on whether or not you or your family really wants,needs or has the time for a puppy.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Th Spirit Dog

copyright © 2009 a.s.papszycki

3 Responses

  1. Hi Toni,

    At this age, I’d just let them play. But if it’s freaking you guys out a little to much why don’t you try distracting them by making stupid happy sounds or different toys, in an attempt to get them interested in playing with you or a toy. Then after a little bit you can let them resume their puppy play.

    Is it possible for you to take a video of them doing this and sending me the link ?

  2. Hi,

    I just need a little advise about two seven week sister boxer puppies please? My sister and I both purchased one from a littler of four, she named hers Lexi and I named mine Laila (just so I can use their names to explain the situation :)) They do not live in the same household but when we get them together they seem to play just fine most of the time, but Lexi is play, play play all the time and Laila is a little more independant at times and wants to explore her surroundings. So, when Laila has had enough play and Lexi hasn’t, Laila will eventually get very annoyed and sort of “freak out” as I like to say. She gets very loud and snappy with Lexi, but Lexi doesnt really respond to it or understand that Laila wants a break (if that is even what is going on?). Sometimes Laila will do the same thing if Lexi has her pinned (Lexi is almost twice her size, as Laila was the runt of the litter) and Laila cant get up, she will “freak out” then as well. We have been seperating them when their playtime escalates to this, and sometimes Laila goes back for more play – but most of the time she starts to wonder around exploring for a bit and then will resume play. I just want to know if we are doing the right thing by separating them at that high point of “play” or are they simply playing and as long as no one is getting hurt we should let them do what they gotta do?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as we are hoping these two will remain friends through adulthood! Thank you in advance!

  3. Look…Holiday Puppy Buyers Guide

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