Stitch From New Jersey Trying To Get a Little Sumptin-Sumptin

Here’s Stitch, a Jersey boy that’s not only a little confused but is also having just a little bit of trouble trying to figure things out here. Especially since Bear is named Bear for a reason, he ain’t no babe !

The Spirit Dog

copyright © 2009 a.s.papszycki

5 Responses

  1. Its Stich…. hes such a good boy! Hope he is doing good in his new home!!!!

  2. Ahhh, Stitch…aren’t we ALL trying to get a Little Sumptin Sumptin….
    Don’t give up kid!!

  3. Aw!! My baby Stitch! Its sooo nice to see him ‘playing’ haha, with other dogs. I’m so happy he is now living with you and enjoying his life. Thank you so much for the continue care you are able to provide him. He is such a great dog and deserves the best!!

    Thanks again from A Happy Volunteer of the Woodbridge Animal Shelter 🙂 – Jenn

  4. Hahahahhahahahaha what a great video I laughed my butt off!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you Al and to all the pups!!!!!! 🙂 Nat

  5. Al- Stitch is a nut, what the hell is he doing to poor Bear? Good video and great song to go with it, I was hysterical watching it. Hopefully he’ll soon realize Bear is a boy (& that he’s neutered) and leave him alone. I enjoyed seeing him again and the volunteers from the shelter and I are planning on making a trip up to see Stitch and give you a hand up there for day. Thanks again-Heather

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