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Dog Behavior Quiz : Why Do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys ?

So what’s the deal with dogs and squeaky toys ? Why do dogs get so excited when you start squeaking that brand spanking new squeaky toy ?

The Spirit Dog


15 Responses

  1. I’d like to know why dogs lick people so much and other dogs (or cats) ?

  2. On behalf of all the animals you’ve worked with, trained, rescued, loved, THANK YOU, we love ‘ya!


  3. Gah! You did it again Al!

    You didn’t give us YOUR answer to this question. 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving! Do you get lot of turkeys for the dogs for the holiday? Mine love turkey.


  4. You, too, Al.

    And to everyone in Spirit Dog land!


  5. The best thing is how happy they get playing like that.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Bob.


  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Not unless he hits you with that big fat head of his.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  7. My Ralphie is a violent shaker…..any danger he could hurt his neck, Al?

  8. It’s funny watching a Maltese “killing” a Booda toy. He does the “neck break shake” on it.


  9. But oh so satisfying! 🙂

    At least my one dog thinks so. She will squeak for ong minutes on end, quite contentendly. She also LOVES the “shake” and will do that repeatedly. Another killing move if I am not mistaken.

  10. Well, the reason I said that was because it looks like they’re in play mode when they do that.

    The idea of them doing it because it resembles killing prey didn’t seem right, because with the squeak toy, it’s like killing the animal over and over again which would be a waste of energy.


  11. Hey Jen,

    It’s also the type of sound an injured or hurt animal will make and unfortunately will draw much unwelcome attention to that animal.

  12. Hey Bob,

    Actually if the litter mates were making that sound it would be a bad thing.


  13. c) all of the above?

  14. These are the sounds prey might make when dogs are killing them, bless their hearts!!

  15. Similar sounds were made by they’re litter mates when they played together as pups?


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