Yes, I Even Eat Cereal Out Of a Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

That’s right kiddies The Spirit Dog aka that guy named Al, not only eats his Frosted Flakes out of a dog bowl but shares his cereal with his buds.

"The Cereal"

"The Cereal"



In the background you can see one of the eight completed play areas for our dogs.

The Spirit Dog

Thanks to Corey, Caida & Chloe’s papa-san for taking the great photo’s. That’s Caida in the above photo at the other end of the spoon.


4 Responses

  1. Hello Frank,

    Hope you guys have been well. I have a couple more pics of Pippin that one of the other dog owners took when they were visiting with their two dogs. I’ll try to post them up this week for you.

  2. Hey Adrienne,

    They usually just hide underneath the big guys. We actually have four little guys if you don’t count the crazy little Beagle we have ‘Mogadishu’.

  3. Hey Al,

    Caida looks like about the smallest dog I’ve seen at you place from the pictures. Are you hiding the little dogs under the sofa or do they just seem not to make there way to you?


  4. Hey! There is our Pippin giving you the ol’ “Well, where’s mine?” look I know so well.

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