The Perfect Dog Golden Retrievers

Well, not exactly. Just like every other dog, pure breed or mixed, some have issues. This is the predominant reason, I take great issue with many of the things regarding dog training and dog behavior. Such as the following….

“Make sure you do your breed research before choosing a breed of dog.”

This is a common quote coming from many dog trainers, rescue organizations and other animal professionals. But you’ll never hear me say this.

A dog is a dog, plain and simple. Dog behavioral problems, whether genetically inherited or brought about by the physical environment, is common place across breed lines. To think that through a more diligent breeding program you will be eliminating, fear aggressions, separation anxieties, destructive chewing, food aggression or any other of the various behaviors we as humans deem aberrant, is just not accurate.

Regardless of what breed of dog you wind up choosing, behavior problems are not necessarily inevitable, just don’t be surprised if and when they pop up.

Just as an example lets use the Golden Retriever Breed. Which many consider one of the easiest breeds of dogs on the planet for the inexperienced dog owner. And maybe I’ll be using other breeds of dogs for comparisons in the future, but the results will be the same.

On a recent online Google search, conducted looking for Golden Retrievers Breeders, there were 1,410,000 search results for breeders.

On a Google search for Golden Retrievers Rescue, there were 1,210,000 results for rescues.

That’s an awful lot of golden retriever rescues, for a breed of dog that’s suppose to be relatively problem free.

So the next time you read or hear that you should really do your breed research, before deciding on a specific breed of dog, now you know that’s not entirely accurate.

The Spirit Dog
© Copyright 2009 a.s.papszycki

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