Sticks of Omaha Nebraska Where Those Steaks Come From

Here ya go, all you Cornhusker fans.


The music is back !!

The Spirit Dog

Spirit Animal Sanctuary
2539 East Road
Boonville, New York 13309
© copyright 2009 a.s.papszycki

12 Responses

  1. You’re welcome Mike,

    He’s a good boy, just has some nervous issues that he’s working through nicely.


  2. Hey Al,

    This is Mike (sticks’ best friend). My boy looks good and happy. I miss him a lot and am glad he’s doing well. I hope you have time to add more videos.

    Thanks so much,


  3. Thank you, and you’re welcome Brenda.


  4. Hi Al,

    Thank you so much for giving our “boy”, Sticks, a home!!! We are extremely fortunate that there are wonderful, caring people like you out there and I’m sure he is loving that pizza 🙂 Thank you also for posting the video. It is great to see him wagging his tail happily again.

    Brenda Danze

  5. Hello Jennifer,

    There always the new guys that have their leads on. If you’ve seen some of my other videos the new guys are usually dragging around 100′ long lines because they are out in one of our pastures that (aren’t / isn’t ?) fenced. Sticks (that’s the guy with the lead on) is the first new dog to meet his new pack mates in one of our new fenced play areas.

    Although Sticks will still go through the long line training so he can enjoy some of our other 128 acres, as many other guys do.

  6. Hello Jamie,

    Sticks may have a little harder time working off the pizza and ice cream sandwiches that are two of the staples of my diet.

  7. Looks like my boy Sticks is working off all those peanut butter treats he got at the shelter! He looks so happy! Thank you so much for taking him and giving him a life he deserves!!

  8. Hi Al,

    You’re organization is wonderful. It is soooo great to hear about a happy ending for a dog that got caught up in a bad situation. We don’t always hear about organizations stepping up to do the right thing!

    1,000 thanks for all you do. I see all the happy pitties and other dogs playing and it makes my heart sing.

    You definitely got some good karma points for all your good works. Keep it up!!

    Fellow Animal Friend

  9. I just found out about your organization through a friend that helped to rescue Sticks. Thank you for doing what you do! The dogs, as well as their companions, need more places like Spirit Animal Sanctuary. Keep up the great work!

  10. Thanks so much AL for the great video, and for saving Sticks life, and giving him a wonderful new life!

  11. I have been following Sticks’ case and I am so very glad that he was given a chance and can be at your place! Keep up the great work.

  12. Your place looks fantastic with all the new fencing!!
    Why do some of the dogs have their leads on when playing?

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