The Dog Aggression Test Video Result

Here’s the rest of the dog video from last Sundays aggression yes or no, test clip.

The Players :

  • The big white dog is Missy, a female American Bulldog.
  • The little white dog is Caida, a female ??? mixed breed dog.
  • The brown brindle dog is Bear, a male ??? mixed breed dog.

What you should know is that Caida is a little Queen Bee, and she doesn’t like Missy playing with or getting any attention from what she considers her guys. Can dogs display jealousy ? And if so, is that the behavior that Caida is exhibiting ?

The Spirit Dog

If you would like to know the names of any other dogs that you see in this video, leave a comment.

© Copyright 2009 a.s.papszycki

4 Responses

  1. That’s coz-she’s-so-purty.

  2. Forgot to say…at the dog run it seems when the first dog tries to mount it sets off the other dogs mounting, too. Is there a possibility it could start some aggressive behavior if everybody wants to mount each other (Whoo-hoo!!)?

  3. Al, I noticed that when the other dogs wanted to mount Missy, she took care of them. What is your advice when the dog “underneath” is submissive, and it seems like the mounting will go on forever? Does the humper eventually get tired and go away? Does the humpee eventually turn around and say “Enough already”? Should this prolonged mounting be discouraged?
    Of course, the owners at the dog run have outlawed this normal behavior, but I’m curious what the correct thing to do – or NOT do- is.

  4. Missy is a VEEERY popular girl!!!

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