Dog Aggression Behavior Test

This is a test for you, not your dog. I would like you to take a look at the following dog video and tell me what you think.

Is this dog aggression?

Tell me what your first impression is, then I would like you to tell me what else you think this could be.

Next Sunday, I’ll post the entire video clip for you to view.

Have some fun with your friends and send them this link,

The Spirit Dog

© copyright 2009 a.s.papszycki

20 Responses

  1. I’m about ready to throw in the towel with my rescue dog of 4 years. Im told shes greyhound and lab mix, but I beleive she has heeler in her. I’ve known from the beginning that she will bite people. When I first got her, within the first week, she’d be laying on her dog bed and my son would be talking to us standing probably a couple feet from her and she just jump up and snapped at him. We thought tge quick movement may have scared her. This happened twice with two of my sons. Another time my other son got up to leave the room and she jumped up and bit the back of his calf as he walked to the bathroom . This bite broke the skin and left a scar. I spoke with the rescue about it. They tried to give me solutions. I moved her bed, I took her to basic obedience training. She got her CGC certificate, we took agility classes, we did flyball. I loved watching how happy she would be and is very smart. We volunteered at the pumpkin patch one year and she was laying down by me on a leash and a guy walked by and she just got up and snapped at him. I walked her at the lake she would try to lunge at men. The shelter told me, I was to watch for men wearing hats and glasses. I thought I was careful knowing her tendicies, but every time I’d think it was ok she’d bite some one else that quick. She has bitten several repair men, UPS won’t deliver here. She has bitten two women one on the back of the thigh and the other in the butt. Both of these bites broke the skin and serious. I know I was to blame knowing the possibility and having her off leash. I don’t know how much more I can take. She very voistrus, she whines all the time, I’m not even sure if she knows she’s doing it. I take her walking I try to ware her out, I’ve been taking her to doggy day care the last month. Yesterday I was headed to my sons to drop something off, threw her in the pick up for a ride, let her out to say hi to his dog. Big mistake, he has a small dog that runs up and barks at people, doesn’t bite just acts like she wil. My dog Izzy bit a lady on the butt as her and her husband walked by, again broke the skin. Yes my fault! I can’t take it. Please help, I feel like such a failure for her.

  2. New to your blog. Just discovered it today. I like this video test. You should do more like this, or maybe you have. I am going to browse through your site some more.

    Anyway, I agree with what some others said about the little white dog being a bit aggressive. The larger white dog was correcting the smaller dog.

  3. Alright ladies, I was trying to be all nice and humble like. But you two guys ruined the moment for me, now I don’t want to play no more and have to think about uploading the rest of the video.

  4. Hear! Hear!

  5. OK, enough blushing already…please play the end of the video where everyone shakes hands, claps each other on the back and goes off to pee on the same tree.

  6. Ahhh, you made me blush .

  7. Sorry, bro, the men I know tend to have less understanding, less intuition, less ability (or willingness) to connect with others IN GENERAL! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a man-hater. We need men to plow the fields, fix the pipes and provide reproductive functions.

    But, I kid!!

    Actually Al, you are quite a unique guy….a manly man who has great emo/intuitive talents and can teach to boot!! (I hope I haven’t blown your street cred) Where can the single gals find more like you??!!

  8. Hello Jenn,

    Do you mean to say, that the males of the bipedal primate species known as ‘Man’, have less of an understanding and less of an intuition when it comes to the canine mind, body and Spirit ???

    Actually it really doesn’t matter whether the individual is male or female, some get it and some don’t. But I will tell you this, out of all the homes I’ve been to over the years helping families understand their dogs a little bit better, with very few exceptions the women are the primary care givers for “all” the animals in that home. Which means, yes, women by and large tend to have a better understanding and relationship with their four legged family members.

  9. Wow, I wish all you guys came to my dog park….lots of people would quickly leash their dogs and leave if this happened!! And if it was MY dogs who made moves like Missy did, they would pull their dogs away from mine whenever they got close!!
    You are all cool and seem to be able to let dogs be dogs without panicing.
    Anytime you’re in Long Beach, NY….

  10. Yeah, I don’t see any aggression here. To me, none of the dogs are showing any tell-tale signs of aggression.

    The “main” dog, I think, was sort of cornered and caught off guard. The yappy one is just excited (which looked like it escalated from somethin g that happend before we saw this part) and the main one corrected him.

    You can see the yappy one looks like it was going back to probably lick the main guy’s muzzle or try to tell him “I’m cool” now.


  11. Just to clarify, there is no aggression in this video. Not the small dog, not the brown dog, not the whte dog. There are attempts to solicit play and some interest/response but more interest in the videographer. Nothing more, nothing less.

    That’s my take!

  12. The little dog was aggressive. The white dog showed corrective behaviour. When the other dogs joined in/had a go she again showed them the bouderies. I noticed after the correction – the little dog only sniffed at her having received the message that she will not accept aggression from it. The other dogs who tried there luck/tested her status also backed off when they saw she would not submit or aggress but only correct.

    I also noticed some tail wagging too – rather than tial tucking or stiffness. I have seen this when an older more exprienced dog corrects some puppies after long suffering being jumped on !!!!!!!!

  13. It’s not aggression per say, but some anxiety and re-direction. Personally, I wouldn’t want a small, yappy dog carrying on in my ear or to feel crowded by the other dogs, in essence blocking any escape route away from the small dog. I suspect there is more to the dynamic and more than meets the eye. But as for your question relating directly to this short clip, no, this is not aggression.

  14. From what I see the dog is just getting the other dogs out of its personal space. Not aggressive but assertive. I did notice the brown dog humping the other dog (not easy to see) the smaller white dog seems protective of the other white dog. Like it was getting his/her attention the other dog was doing something. If you notice the larger white dog turns around and shuns off the brown dog. The smaller white dog relaxes once the brown dog is away and walks next to the bigger white dog wagging tail and all.

  15. I think one thing that I assumed, but other posts seem not to cover, is that the SMALLER dog could be seen to be showing aggression as well. I mean she came up, unprovoked, and took a snap at the larger one. I know I had to watch my dog very closely for a long time to finally have it dawn on me that this was NOT her being aggressive. Noisy, obnoxious but not aggressive.

  16. By the way, I would say we four gals are tuned into what these dogs are feeling….do you find women generally more intuitive with animals than men, Al? I mean, are THEY more intuitive with animals than men are with animals…or, I guess the other meaning is true, too??!!

  17. I don’t think this was aggression…first of all the small dog “bit” Missy , she reacted and then stopped. She did not instigate the incident, she only reacted. A bite to the face is going to be something Missy won’t like, so she took care of it quickly. Next the other dog tried to hump her, she assertively told him “not this bitch, dawg”. After they moved away from her a distance she went back to “normal”. An agressive dog would probably have never even let those other dogs so near to her, then when the little one started, there would have been a nasty situation.

  18. I am guessing that Missy was caught by surprised
    when Chloe jumped up to her. But I think when Bear tried to join in Missy is p—– off by now. I wouldn’t
    call it aggression but Missy is just putting them in their place.

  19. This is absolutely not dog-aggression. This is a dog setting his boundaries.

  20. No this is not dog aggression. I don’t know which is Goofy and which is Peanut. But from what I see the smaller dog is trying to get the larger to play while the larger dog had her attention on the person holding the camera and so wasn’t as interested in playing just right then.

    Does the little one have some terrier in it, like a Chihuahua terrier cross? My terrier cross barks and leaps at other dogs to get them to play with her. (With varying degrees of success.)

    It’ll be fun to see the whole video.

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