Why Puppy’s Go to the Bathroom in their Crate

Contrary to what we may have read or learned a puppy will urinate and or defecate in his or her crate. You may say, “But how can that be with all that I have read about how the inherited behaviors of a dogs denning instinct will preclude my little puppy from peeing an pooping in his crate.”

Au contraire, ma sœur ! The reality is at about five weeks of age is when the earliest of the earliest puppies will start wandering away from their sleeping and or eating areas to pee and poop. Before that they pee and poop where they sleep and eat, in this case the mother dog will eat the poop, keeping the puppy’s area clean and the urine will soak into whatever bedding or substrate materials you use.

So why will your little puppy go to the bathroom in his or her crate overnight or when you are not home ? Simply put they don’t have the opportunity to wander away from their sleeping area, the closed crate prohibits them doing so.

The crate will be of great help in housebreaking your little guy, once he / she gets a little older. But until then, it’s most likely to drive you crazy that your puppy goes to the bathroom in the crate when everything you have read said they won’t.

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2 Responses

  1. More than a little lazy. Irresponsible and very lazy. What’s the point in getting a dog if you can’t be bothered with the basic fundamentals?

    Besides I still don’t get why anyone would get a dog if they’re just going to lock it in a crate for hours on end.

    Get a hamster or a fish….or something that lives in an enclosure.

  2. Interesting ideas, surely also common sense. Where else is a puppy meant to go if its locked in a crate?

    They can’t control themselves like adult dogs because they’ve not been taught that so they don’t know any better and because they need to go much more frequently.

    One of the easiest and quickest ways to combat it is to take it outside at least every three hours. Making any dog wait for more than four hours (except overnight) is a bit irresponsible and I think a little lazy.

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