Dick’s Sporting Goods , Michael Vick’s Merchandise Persona Non Grata

Dicks Sporting Goods one of North Americas largest retailers of sport related apparel and merchandise with about 400 store locations throughout the U.S., has decided not to carry Micheal Vick’s, #7 Philadelphia Eagles Jersey.

As some may erroneously believe, this is not an altruistic gesture on Dick’s Sporting Goods behalf in response to Mr. Vick’s most recent troubles with the law, but at least it’s a small victory that animal lovers can rejoice in.

According to Jeff Hennion, Dicks Chief Marketing Officer when interviewed by Bloomberg News said “We have not seen enough demand from Eagles fans to stock the jersey”. Mr. Hennion additionally added, “We have no problem stocking the jersey if the demand is there”.

Maybe since Dicks is a Pittsburgh based retail outfit, could it be that Mr. Hennion and the other corporate officers are Pittsburgh Steeler fans and this is just a interstate rivalry thing going on? Probably not, buts it’s a thought.

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Thanks JM for sending me the link.
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