Why Does Your Dog Bark at You, Answer

OK, what I was really trying to get at here is how some dogs have poor vision, whether it’s just bad overall eye sight or the night vision thing that Adrienne had mentioned in her comment.
That’s one of the answers, the poor vision thing.

Another reason that your own dog will bark at you whether you have been out of the house for ten minutes or ten hours has to do with their own nervousness until they realize that it’s you. This could be a dog with exceptional eyesight that just has a higher degree of nervousness than other dogs which is the cause of him initially barking at you. These nervous types of barks can either be the flat out barking like a maniac, momentarily anyway until they figure out to themselves that ” Oh, thank god it’s you”. Or a dog can have a just as nervous type bark, which is just displayed a much different way. The under the breath type, woof…..woof.

The nervous thing is another answer.

And the third thing was, yes many dogs will bark at us if we wear something different that they are not use to seeing us wear.

Those were the three main ways I was looking for, because those types of barking will usually freak out some people when their dog does it to them. Then they may mistakenly think their dog is developing some sort of aggression problems.

As Jennifer, Bob and Adrienne correctly mentioned, some dogs, not all, will bark while we initiate play or when we come home and they are excited to see us. Then there are those dogs that will not bark when we come home nor when we initiate play, instead these dogs will wag their tails so hard that their entire body is shaking with happiness. This also applies to the dogs with docked tails.

Thanks for your answers guys, they were great.

The Spirit Dog

See Original Question Here.

copyright © 2009 a.s.papszycki

3 Responses

  1. Ah, good to know. Thanks!

  2. Thank You Adrienne,

    I must of wrote the post a little too quick, because I didn’t intend it to be a trick question. I try to get people to think of every possible reason a dog may do something, because as I think you mentioned awhile back in one of your comments, ” The simplest answer is usually the correct answer”. See Occam’s razor.

  3. Ah ha! It was a TRICK question! I thought there was only one correct answer. I feel better now, thought I was missing something key. Too funny. 🙂

    Thanks Al. I always love your stuff, I learn so much

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