Why Does Your Dog Bark at You ? Dog Behavior Pop Quiz

OK, why does your dog bark at you even if he just saw you like two seconds ago ?


Why does your dog bark at you, if you walk out one door and come in another ?


How come your dog barks at you, if you wear something different, like lets say a hat ?

There’s a couple different answers to these questions, tell me what you think.

The Spirit Dog


16 Responses

  1. Oh man Ellie!

    You’ve got me in stitches! Let me guess, some sort of herding dog? Mine is a terrier/Sheltie cross and I can DIG the piercing bark. I never had a vocal dog before this one and boy is it different.

    Sound like you gal needs to learn how to r-e-l-a-x a little though. Mine had to!

  2. “I’m hungry!” “My water’s empty!” “You’re leaving, take me with you!” “You’re home!” “Daddy’s home!” “The kids went outside!” “The other dog wants in!” “I wanna go outside!” “The cat is on the deck!” “There’s a squirrel out there! Squirrel! Squirrel! Car! Loose dog! People walking by! There’s a horse…ahem, that horse is BIG, I’m not gonna bark at it anymore.” “Take me for a walk! Walk! Walk!” “Play with me!” “I want a treat!” “ME! ME! ME!” “Now! Now! Now!”

    I swear, it never ends. I don’t know how she doesn’t have a constant sore throat. Maybe she does! She’s high energy, nervous, and protective, so not only does she bark at me for everything she wants, she tells me about every little change in the environment. It doesn’t mix well with my frequent migraines, because she’s got the loudest, most piercing bark I’ve ever heard, but I’m grateful. She tells me things like when the kids are leaving the yard, and once told me when one of my other dogs got hung up on his rope and was choking.

    She’s not as bad as when she came to us as a stray three years ago, but I swear…some days…it’s a good thing she’s so cute, and loving. And she tries really hard, you can sometimes watch her struggle to keep a lid on it when we’ve told her to be quiet, but sometimes she just HAS to let that bark out!

    The funny thing is, she doesn’t bark if I wear a hat/weird gear, or in the other situations mentioned above, and thank all the canine gods for that! Because she barks for/at everything else.

  3. Ohhh, OK, the only word remotely familiar was “dame” (what language is that?) and I thought you might be ornery because we were pestering you , hehehe

  4. Hi Jenn,

    Actually, it’s the response to your last comment and according to the Google translator ( http://translate.google.com/ ) should mean “Sorry for the delay Ladies”. I checked it against a couple of other online language translators and it seems to be correct, then again they all could be wrong. The other language by the way is Slovenian.

  5. I think you just said something unkind about women….
    As for the Arabic writing, you’re getting much too comfortable with the computer….

  6. Oprosti za zamudo dame.

  7. آسف للتأخير السيدات.

  8. Yep, yep. Sure does. Especially on the ones I don’t know! 😉

  9. Adrienne, he has a tendency to do that….right??!!

  10. […] Original Question Here. copyright © 2009 […]

  11. Ok, you’re leaving us hanging here. What’s the answer to this one? Been checking every day to find out!

  12. Hey Nat, That’s amazing !

    Shake-a-bee sends you some wet kisses.

  13. Just wanted to share this incredible story on here about a bipedal dog, amazing!!!! Check it out!


  14. Well, as far as leaving the room and just seeing you, I think every time you leave a room, the dog doesn’t know if you’re coming back or not. It doesn’t know the difference between you going into the garage, getting in your car and leaving for a few hours, or going into the bathroom and coming out in 2 minutes.

    So, it’s like it’s constantly greeting you and glad to see you haven’t left.

    The hat thing, probably just because it’s different. Dogs don’t know clothes. You just look slightly different than you looked before. Like you have a growth on your head now!

    Just my 2 cents…


  15. My dogs don’t bark at me unless I’m playing with them. Maybe your dogs bark at you because you have a large pack there..? (I don’t mean a big waist…)
    However, they do seem to get excited when I go out for even one minute and come back in. If I’m walking around the house they don’t seem to care if I disappear.
    If they’re in the yard without me, when I come out they’re excited.
    I’ve heard dogs don’t have a sense of time like we do….? Going back to pack behavior, perhaps it’s their custom to greet the members of the pack when they return, no matter for how long?

    This one has stumped me, Al.

  16. This one I’m not so sure on. I was thinking about it and realized that I’ve never had a dog who did this! My dog barks an “I’m excited to see you bark” when I come home. A “don’t leave me” bark when I go to work (seperation anxiety still). And a play bark. That’s all the barking she does at me. Sometimes I startle hercoming into a room when she was napping or not expecting me. Then she goes “oh, it’s you” and nothing more.

    It seems like this would be anxious behaviour. Come to think of it, when I had my work pouches on Emma barked at me. They spooked her for some reason. I took the of and let her sniff. Then put them on and off a couple times and she setled down.
    So maybe it’s a recognition thing. Zoey will bark and growl at an object if it is dark out and she can’t tell what it is. I think she has bad night vision or something. Course she does it during the day now too. Hmm…

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