My Friend Miller : A Pet Memorial

I recently received this from a gentleman who would like to add Miller, to our pet memorial page over at His accompanying letter is so touching I figured I’d put it on my blog until our webmaster has a chance to add it to our website.

This is Miller



“Miller was my constant, faithful, companion for 17 years. My sons brought him home as a puppy and they decided to name him for the famous beer, that way it would always be Miller Time. Although I’ve been around dogs all my life, and enjoyed them, Miller was the first one who ever chose me as his friend.

To say he was known by all and loved by many is an understatement. He was a good sized fellow, 100 lbs, and although his size initially made people wary, they soon discovered his friendly nature and loving ways. He also was a favorite with all the other hounds in the neighborhood with only two exceptions, both large, aggressive sorts. Although I didn’t know his parents, it was obvious his dad was a traveling man, something that never bothered him as he took his place beside me everywhere I went.

He didn’t like angry, raised voices and instinctively picked out who needed to be protected. He doted on my grandson and would let him do anything to him. He liked everyone, with only one exception, he disliked UPS drivers and could tell they were coming or near just by the sound of their truck. I think he was secretly a FedEx man!

I lost Miller the day after Thanksgiving, 2008. A great part of me died with him as I held his head in my lap and he closed his eyes in rest. I still miss him terribly, and tears come very easily as i think of him even now. God speed, my friend, I look forward to the day we are together again.”

Jon Hobein


3 Responses

  1. psst, the picture didnt come for me

  2. That was beautiful, and an affirmation of how much a dog can mean to his family.. You and your grandson have been blessed to know this gorgeous dog…

    thank you for sharing this story… and what a gorgeous name for a dog…x

  3. This brought tears to my eyes! I miss my best friend as well; a boxer named Clay who passed away at 11 after a painful progression of hip dysplasia. We’ll see them again someday!

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