Watch The Spirit Dogs Grooving Out to George Clinton and The P-Funk AllStars Dog Video

These are all the dogs names that you can see in this video, even if they are only on camera briefly. This is what happens to all the dogs with animal and / or human aggression problems once I get to spend some time with them.

The two dogs playing in the dirt are Freeport Animal Shelter’s Missy and Friends of Linden Animal Shelters Wrigley (Rigs).

Missy ( american bulldog), Rigs ( dutch shepherd), Lin Seedy (mixbreed dog), Bear (mix), One Way (german shepherd mix), Bo ( olde english bulldog), Waldo, Macy, Beetles, Pluto German Shepherd), Caida, Chloe (staffy), Iggy, Cake ( american bulldog), Diesel (doberman pincher)and Shake-a-bee ( american pit bull terrier).

Watch as some of The Spirit Dogs, groove out to George Clinton and P-Funk Allstars.

Camera : Corey Welling who was visiting his two little guys Caida and Chloe.

Watch video in wide screen format on Youtube

The Spirit Dog

copyright © 2009 a.s.papszycki


One Response

  1. Hi Al,
    Rigs and the gang look great,
    it makes me feel good seeing
    them running around and having
    a good time.
    Love the music… keep on grooving!!!
    Take care, Grace
    Friends of Linden Animal Shelter

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