The Point Of The Previous Behavior Post

The point of the previous behavior post, is, many dog owners are taught that eating before your dog or making them wait for their food is one of the many requirements for establishing yourself as your dogs alpha.

If you feel the need to train your dog to wait for his treats or food, that’s all well and good. Just as long as you understand that this training exercise (teaching a dog to wait to eat) is NOT going to teach him that you are the boss. The only thing that’s going to teach your dog is how to wait for his food. Nothing more, nothing less.

The problem is, many people after going through and accomplishing the routine of teaching their dog to wait, now believe that they have established themselves as their dogs alpha.

Can anybody tell me what the inherent problem with this way of thinking is ? (Hint- it’s about the dogs future.)

The Spirit Dog

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4 Responses

  1. sorry ‘human food is mine, dog food for the girls’

  2. Mmmm sounds like a crock to me ..

    The Danes ‘know’ I control the food, it comes from a massive bin with a lid, that only I can get off. The main thing with feeding is structure (it comes at the same time every day, they never wait, tis always same time) and this human controls that. Also there are no hand delivered snacks(except in training) Human food is theirs, dog food is for the girls, no exceptions…

    Dogs dont ‘wait’ if they are hungry they are hungry, I anticpate this and schedule their feeding to suit them and myself

  3. You got it Adrienne, along with the fact that many dog owners may think that their is something wrong with the dog, after they do all this stuff and they still get bit or growled at.

  4. Would this be the fact that depite being (in thier mind) “the boss dog” the person does not now have a dog that “listens” to the owner, who then gets frustrated because it “isn’t working” and gives the dog up to a shelter?

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