Spirit Animal Sanctuaries New Doggy House Update

I haven’t done one of these in awhile.

Last friday Brian Karpinski, of Karpinski’s Water Pump and Supply, installed the hot water heater, pressure tank and since we required great water pressure a one horsepower water pump. Now that,  that’s done,  Mark Miller from Miller’s Heating said he’ll finish his work this week.

The only thing we need now to complete our building, construction wise anyway, is the 100 yard long doggy play areas that we have planned for our guys.  We have two fencing contractors coming this week for the estimates, we emailed 5 or 6 fence companies and these were the first to get back to us. I like promptness, so most likely we will choose one of these two companies for our fencing needs.

Hey, how’d you like to help us out with some doggy beds for our guys, and since I always sleep with the packs, make them like really, really plush and luxurious. I like some comfort to on occasion, not often, but on occasion. Thanks.


The Spirit Dog


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  1. Hello Jennifer,

    Both Home Depot and Lowe’s are about thirty minutes away by car, a half day by horse and buggy, a full day by dog sled team.

    Thanks Jen, I would gladly go pick them up as they only really deliver stuff that people can’t fit in their cars.

  2. OK, just a little bit more, now….

    In what town(s) near you would I find the fine Home Depot and Lowe’s? Would you want them delivered? Do you have a delivery address or do you just use your mailing address?

    Heaven knows what life is like up there in the Boonies, Boondocks, I mean Boonesville??!!

  3. Hello Jennifer,

    Yes, we have two stores near us. Between 1 and 20 blankets, would be wonderful.

    Thank you


  4. Hola Jennifer,

    Sí, tenemos dos tiendas cerca de nosotros. Entre 1 y 20 mantas, sería maravilloso.


  5. OK, possible translation…

    “Yes, our avons (avenues, cosmetics,?) 12 magazines before us. Us avons besotted enter 5 and 20 overtures.”

    How’m I doin’?

    As I said…..it’s like pulling….

    Please just send info in language I can understand…even Spanish would be more useful than this. (BTW, to my eye you speak Fr. very well!!)

  6. Bonjour Jennifer,

    Oui, nous avons deux magasins près de nous. Nous avons besoin entre 5 et 20 couvertures.


  7. Jeez, this is like pulling teeth…. 🙂

    Do you have a Lowe’s or HD up there?
    How many do you need?
    Will they deliver or do you have to pick them up?

    C’mon, work with me here…

  8. Hi Jen, we usually just buy them from Home Depot or Lowes.

  9. Well, do you have a supplier up there? We’d like to send you some beds…

  10. Hi Jen,

    The only thing our dogs will sleep on is memory foam mattresses, that conform to their individual body types. Actually we use movers blankets for doggy beds, the better brands of movers blankets are almost indestructible.

  11. What type of bedding do you need? Do you have a supplier up there you like to use?

  12. Hello Grace,

    Wrigley (Rigs) is such a doll. He’s actually one of the easier dogs we have ever gotten here. I’ll have some more Wrigley videos in the coming weeks.

  13. Hi Al,

    Wrigley looks great!! Thank you for giving him a
    chance to be a dog.
    Good luck w/ the fencing , I can’t wait to see it
    Volunteer w/ Friends of Linden Animal Control

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