Animal Care Answer

The correct answers to last weeks questions are, 6 hours and 12 hours. Although the efficient dog day can take up to 7 hours if I didn’t replenish on the previous night the next day’s bales of shavings, hay and about 150 lbs of dry feed. It’s not very often I don’t do that.

The time I spend with the dogs on “The fun dog days” is normally a minimum of 12 hours, and since I sleep with at least one of the packs every night, I guess you can add an additional 6 or 7 hours to either one of those totals.

There must be a lot of good animal people out there, since most of you guys got the correct answer. I would like to know who said 4 hours for the efficient dog day ! I’m no spring chicken and I do drink a lot of coffee, but 4 hours !!! Those are amphetamine speeds your taking about there.

Thanks everybody for taking the poll, and congratulations.

The Spirit Dog


4 Responses

  1. having an animals as a pet is a big responsibility.We have to take good care of them like our own.Giving them the right food and shelter is one of the best care we can me, i get my dog pet a pet gate so he can move freely inside our house.:)

  2. What are you trying to do to us by linking the word “amphetamine”? Make us all junkies!!!???

  3. I have found that if I am tired, grumpy, etc. (really, when am I NOT) after work, if I force myself to play, scratch, kiss the dogs, my mood and energy immediately pick up.
    When I saw your first video, Al, of you talking happy talk to the dogs while they were walking, I realized my idea of happy talk was too weak. I forced myself to really turn it on and I found I couldn’t help but feel better afterwards.
    So, everyone, playing/being happy with your dogs is not only good for, it’s good for us, too.

  4. Haha, I wrote 7 and 13.. jeez Al hell of a day you got there!!!!

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