Spirit Animal Sanctuaries New Doggy House ‘Update’

The Poles are in, The Poles are in !!!

D.G.Ward Electric and his crew, has not only done an outstanding job wiring and installing all the interior and exterior electrical work we needed, now they have done a great job installing all the telephone poles from the front road all the way to the new animal house.

To get back to our new animal building you have to travel a half mile on a tree covered dirt road, which opens up onto a 30 acre pasture surrounded by woods and creeks. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Electric Pole #1

Electric Pole #1

Pole #2

Pole #2

Pole #4

Pole #4 (little hard to see)

Pole #5

Pole #5

Pole #6

Pole #6

I took these pictures Monday, sometime yesterday or today D. G Ward ran the electric line from pole #6 to our new animal house. They still have to install two transformers and run the main electric cables from the front.

We’re almost there !

With all the time and money we spend on our animals, I never though we would be able to accomplish this, this quickly.

Thank You Everyone.

Alan Papszycki  (The Spirit Dog)
Spirit Animal Sanctuary Inc.
2539 East Road
Boonville, New York 13309


Spirit Animal Sanctuary Inc. Is a federally registered 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

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