Eight Golf Balls, Two Testicles Removed from Rottweiler

Did you see this ? I recently saw this in The Poodle and Dog Blog, over on Typepad. Ya gotta check this it out, http://thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com/the_poodle_and_dog_blog/2009/06/puppy-swallows-8-golf-balls.html

In the twenty something years that I have been doing this dog thing, only two times have we had to bring a dog to the vet office to have a foreign object surgically removed. Both times it was the same dog, Momo a Cane Corso.

Momo, Cane Corso & Mochadesh, Beagle

Momo, Cane Corso & Mochadesh, Beagle

Momo, jumping up on me.

Momo, jumping up on me.

The Spirit Dog

3 Responses

  1. 6-7 inches??!! EEOOOOWWWW

  2. The stuff that dogs can eat and pass, is just amazing. Momo, used to swallow 6 and 7 inch stuffed toys, then poop it out.

  3. My friend’s Staffordshire, Atlas, ate the casters off of their sofa. They noticed the casters were gone, but never suspected the pooch, until he stopped pooping….Then, of course, surgery to get them out.
    We had a beagle when I was little, Queenie, who ate a sofa, a roast beef meant to feed 12 people, hats, socks, gloves,etc., but always passed them naturally from one or both ends!!

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