Freeport Animal Shelters Missy Video

I would like to introduce you to Missy,  a young female American Bulldog that had a little to many aggression issues that made it impossible for the Freeport Animal Shelter, down on Long Island to safely adopt out.

So after contacting us about a month or so ago they drove Missy up from Long Island yesterday.

I know some of the folks down there will miss her very much.

Elyse, Dori, Tammy, and Jo Ann  this videos for you !! Enjoy

Looking to find a great new friend, please visit the Freeport Animal Shelter in person or on the web. And check out the dogs and cats they have for adoption.

The Spirit Dog

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© 2009 a.s.papszycki


5 Responses

  1. Hey Al, it’s been awhile. I recently saw a couple pictures of Snowball on your blog, thanks again for taking him in for us, we still miss him.


    In case you don’t have my email it’s, gkasshamp at gmail

  2. I also am an employee of The Freeport Animal Shelter and I have to tell you that my heart sang as I watched Missy in that video! Watching her run, play, and socialize with her new family was very emotional for me. I am thrilled and thankful that she has found her place in the sun! Al, bless you and the santuary for what you are doing for all those furry souls. Thank you ladies for finding Miss such a wonderful place to call home.

  3. Al,
    You have given Missy a life that she deserves. A life that allows her to run free, play with other dogs and has a wonderful human companion.
    Even though we had a difficult time assaying good-bye, Joanne, Tammie and I left with the gift of knowing that Missy was in a very happy place.
    Thank you being an angel to so many dogs that might not have had another chance.

  4. Welcome to Heaven, Missy..
    Al, I like the way those dogs run through the invisible fence you’ve got there…

  5. I work at the freeport shelter and it is an awesome feeling to see Missy smiling and so happy! I was almost in tears when Elyse was telling me how great it is here for Missy. I’m am sooooooo happy for her! Thank you so much for what you do. My best wishes to all the doggies!

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